Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Land War in Asia Contest Entry

Donogh over at Land War in Asia (a great blog to read if you don't already) is running a "favorite minis" contest. Basically he's asking the impossible; pick the one figure in your collection that is "awesome" using whatever criteria you deem worthy of such a lofty title.

I've been paralyzed for choice, but for me it boiled down to two things. The first was posting something y'all haven't seen before, and now that we're pushing 900 posts, that's kind of a tall order in and of itself. Secondly it had to be a model carried a little weight behind it, and not just tabletop presence either.

For my pick I went with a pair of Necromunda figs, Cawdor juves [edit: Orlock juves, not Cawdor...thanks Tristan and Lord Shaper!] to be precise. I picked these for one reason only, my wife painted them. She is not a gamer. She has never been a gamer, she's not a minis painter, she's hasn't a geek molecule in her body. She barely likes to play Scrabble and only grudgingly plays an occasional game of Carcassonne because I rigged "family game night" to include it.

Back in another lifetime before offspring and responsibilities and what-not we lived on a huge amount of land (about a hundred acres). One winter we were literally snowed in and for a few days had nothing to do. Somehow I conned her into trying her hand at painting with a few spare figs I had laying around. She did, and these hold their own pretty much anything I've got on the shelves to this day. These were the first and, in all likelihood, the last figures she'll ever paint so that's kind of why they get the nod here.

So there you have it, my entry for Donogh's Land War in Asia, enjoy!

EDIT: And it would appear I WON said contest, woohoo!


  1. I am really really impressed with her painting. The eyes in particular but also the camo on the gun, the sooty effect on their arms & clothes.

    But - they are Orlock juves :)

  2. Those are cool figures but I have to agree with Tristan with them being Orlock Juves.

    The Cawdor ones had masks on... and one of mine was modded with a powerfist because he was lucky one game heh

  3. Yup, Orlock they be, thanks guys! These were in my leftover bin because I didn't play either gang; I played Ratskins mostly.

    @Tristan: I was, and still am, impressed by these. Some of the better "pro" figure painters out there are female, maybe she missed her calling? Yesterday I mentioned putting her figs on the blog and maybe she'd like to paint another one. Her reply was, "No, I don't think so..."

    @Lord Shaper: I had a rad-scarred, strength boosted Ratskin with a bionic arm and a power sword...but I copped out and just painted his elbow (the only flesh showing) silver, haha.

  4. Booo-urns! Maybe you could convince her to just do some special details for a small batch (maybe BB team sized?) - I can't get over how nice those eyes are.

    Our exercise at painting together has been on the back shelf and probably will be until we get a move sorted out. :(

  5. After getting these out after at least 12-14 years and examining them again I'm thinking I need to do something to get her painting.

  6. Congrats again Mik.
    Maybe when your wife hears her miniatures won a contest, she'll revisit the painting table!