Monday, March 14, 2022

Five Parsecs from Home
Hello Mik's Minis viewers! 

 And if you're from the 'before times' a very hearty "welcome back" to you especially!

I am very active on my Instagram feed, cygnus46, and it's got all the stuff you know me well for; beer, tabletop gaming, LEGO, and the like.  I recently got into the fabulous Five Parsecs rules thanks to a lot of IG gamer peers posting their own exploits, and I was instantly hooked.

What is Five Parsecs?  Solo skirmish wargaming set in a sci-fi setting with a LOT of pre and post game shenanigans.  You can keep it light or go all in, and for me it's really inspired me to get to writing in order to support the actions and activities of my stalwart crew.  

Making the characters out of minifigs or painting up some cool minis totally works on IG, even battle reports work there to an extent, but all the fiction writing does not.  Enter you and me, dusting off the ole blog here and putting all of that backstory here.  

Think of this as a companion journal to the Five Parsecs campaign, you want the shiny pics and the cool photos of the crew, head to my IG feed.  If you want a deeper dive into the narrative behind the pics, you guessed're right where you need to be.


Friday, June 11, 2021

I may not be posting here anymore, but wait! I'm posting right now! The future is here, it's 2021 and we have underwater cities and flying cars! Anyway, I may not be posting here at Mik's Minis currently, but SPACEJACKER is GO! Please welcome in his new blog over at: Spacejacker.Blogspot