Friday, March 7, 2008

Lego: Once More Into the Fray...

There are 'dark ages' that AFOL's go through. A 'dark age' is a period of no Lego buying, no Lego building, no Lego nothin'; this usually takes place in the off-to-college years, or the too-cool-for-high-school years. An AFOL being an Adult Fan of Lego, of course, haha. I'm lucky, I never had a 'dark age'. I still own the same Legos I had in 1979 as I do today. However, with all the miniature gaming, rpg'ing, and what-not going on, I was never the most avid collector.

I think Lego has finally put a great design team in play. They've got some good sets out currently, and some stuff on the horizon is looking even better. I'll forgo the many details, like Indiana Jones, and super Star Wars sets, and focus on my fave, the Castle series.

The Castle sets out today are amazing, and they hearken back to the classic Castle sets of the early to mid-80's. However, there's a huge twist, now they're adding fantasy races. Undead, Orcs, Trolls, and freakin' Dwarves, woohoo. I'm pretty stoked now, and plan on picking up pretty much as much Castle as I can get, as time and money allows. I'm still painting the minis, still rolling dice, but you'll probably see a lot of Lego posts for a while.

Here's a teaser scan from this month's Club Magazine. Yes, Lego Wood Elves. It is a good time to get back on the Lego wagon. I see a lot of hints here I like. First of all, Elves. A return of the longbow, an accessory that's been far too scant over the last few years as its been replaced by the crossbow. A new shield design, and new helmet design too. Also, it looks like there will be a new hair piece as well that will fit under the new helmets, plus they'll have the Indy-style satchels too.

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