Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lego Space Dwarves

Before you freak out, I know I would, these are not official sets from LEGO, which is really too bad, because I would be buying these up big time! Angus MacLane has done a brilliant job bringing together the best of both worlds; Dwarves and space. Not only that, but he's whipped up some amazing fan sets that feature some nice build techniques, plenty of character, and out of the box design that is just spectacular.

Everything about this shot is perfectly executed; the hinged door with recessed storage, the landing ramp with rails, even the cybernetic Dwarf. More pics here.

Who needs aerodynamics in space?

Of course if you have Space Dwarves, you've gotta have Cosmo Goblins!


  1. This... is quite incredible :). Have to say that I haven't seen many LEGO sets that hold my interest until today :).



  2. 'Incredible' is a good word for it. These sets are just amazing on every little level you could hope for. I certainly hope the builder makes more in the future!

  3. Wish this was submitted on I would totally vote for it. I bet it would get built.