Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Bucket Strikes Back!

The Bucket has come home to Mik's Minis. It's still going to be the same bucket, more or less, but I guess we're calling this one v4.0! We'll need a new banner Biscuit! For those unfamiliar, the Barter Bucket is a place to trade game items and swap conversion bits, whether on a scale of a single backpack or an entire army. The bucket shouldn't be a new concept however, having been around nine hundred days apparently but here's the rundown on how the bucket works, more or less. There are just a few tweaks and some changes in addition to how it used to work:
  • The Barter Bucket will post the first Saturday of each month, a banner link on the right will direct you to the current month's bucket
  • Send in your requests, as usual, to me here: miksminis at
  • Keep those requests detailed and limited to x3 wants and x3 haves at a time, there is no deadline as I will update the current bucket throughout the month as requests come in
  • We're opening the bucket up to ALL things gaming related; whatever genre, scale, company, and what-not; RPG products, Flames of War, 15mm sci-fi, 40K/WHFB, novels, Privateer Press, whatever is fair game
  • It is a trading bucket, so no requests for selling things please
  • "free to a good home" works just as well, let's get unwanted stuff in the hands of those who will use it
  • I'll post the requests listed with people's emails, it's between you guys to work out all the details
I think that's about it, I'm sure I left something out but this stuff kind of runs itself. Seeing how we just switched things to here, I'll be starting it over fresh, just get those requests in and remember,

"Change comes from within...your bits box!"


  1. I have a bunch of stuff To put INTO the bucket, but not a lot I want out of one. I will have a think though, there is probably something Im forgetting.