Saturday, September 4, 2010

Madness...Madness I say!

There's not much more than I can say that the pic doesn't for me already. I hatched a Death Spectres plan last year, yet one more UNhatched plan in the arsenal of many a gamer that never sees the light of day. Something about that list I came up with kept calling to me though.

I don't even really play 40k, but I still love the models and the mythos, and there was something about that list I just liked. It's not going to win any tourneys, but it does include models and units that I like. That's the key, it's one of those "if you waved a magic wand" type armies for me, it's got everything that "looks cool" and has a "cool" background to me in it.

Well, the Death Spectres won't see the light of day, but their list will. I've been gluing together Space Marines for over twenty years now...yes, twenty! I feel it's time I finally made up my own chapter, my own color schemes, backgrounds, and the like. Of course along the way I've enlisted the prowess of fellow Minion, Biscuit. Speaking of the Minions, the army will be themed around that "franchise" if I may be so bold to call it that. If the Emperor's Pointy Sticks can be made whole on the tabletop, I don't see why we can't pull it off either.

What you see above is the makings for two complete ten-man tactical squads. As you can see, I've got parts from all over; Chaos, Regular Marine, Space Wolves, and Dark Angels. Talking with Biscuit I came to the conclusion that these may be the last marines I paint, so I want to 'do them right', you know? They'll be made up of bunches of different parts and I may even opt to use some resin bases. Pad Prik made all of this possible really. He sent a belated birthday present down south that had a Hobbytown card loaded for bear. Couple that with the 15% off Labor Day weekend sale they were running, and voila, the new chapter was born. So head over to Warrant of Trade and tell him thanks from Battle Brother Gyro!

Keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned. I know things have been a bit slow lately, but we kind of all knew this was going to happen. Soon though there will be a poll for you to vote on color schemes, and I'd like all the input we can muster for that! All right, rock on...


  1. What will you call them, more importantly, what do you want on the shoulder pads?

    I am about to pour a mold and could add another shoulder pad to it.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  2. have a look mate and I may have some hooded heads in my bits box if I can get off facebook.

  3. I'd like to check out those sprues before you start work on em.