Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sci-Fi Trooper Bases

This has been in the 'draft' file for, oh, over a month!  I never wrote it up, bah, there you have it.

All right, those sci-fi troopers have had a few more coats of paint as you can see, and I usually save the bases 'til the end, they're just about done.

I went with Citadel Foundation Calthan Brown, put it on heavy, and then used the edges of their coats to drybrush off the excess from the brush.  Also, I didn't bother going back and touching up boots, so they'll have an overall weathered feel to them.  I then went back with a lighter brown, did the requisite drybrush over both the basecoat as well as their coat edges.

You can see I've got rifles, helmets, masks, armor...pretty much everything else already wrapped up.  I still need to finish the two, non-helmet commander heads, then we'll call it wraps on these guys.  This is where I say, 'Enjoy!' and thanks for sticking around!

Monday, February 17, 2014

More Sci-Fi Trooper Progress

It seems a lot of my posts have "It's been a while..." in the introduction, well whoa be to me to break tradition.  Continuing to plod along with these Wargames Factory troopers.  They're actually a lot closer than the above pic might indicate.  It's a race to keep the blog updated and the bench moving forward.  Above you can see I've got the coats done, layering up dark blues with a little stark lighter blue contrast for highlights.

All those little GW bits went to great effect on these models, which would've been a bit plain looking without them.  I kept the palette simple since I had eighteen individual kits to paint up, so I alternated between the same green and brown.  

The gas masks and lenses were begging for a bright, almost glowing green, so I obliged.  The masks themselves were a ruddy olive drab, with a green wash.  The lenses were a bit more labor intensive as I worked up three shades of green to bright, leaving it a bit 'sloppy' around the edges for an ever-so-slight object source lighting effect.

Finally, what's a trooper without his gun?  I painted their primary weapons good ole M41A Pulse Rifle green, threw in a wash, then did a little highlighting.  Again, eighteen rifles meant keeping it quick and easy.  The ventilated shroud I went with a similar bright green as I did the mask lenses.  I tried something else, but ended up not liking it whatsoever and had to repaint the barrels from scratch.  Meh, live and learn, I really like how they ended up so it worked in the end.  Next up...bases!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Trio of Infinity Figs

It's been quite a while since I posted anything about these guys, last time they were assembled only and left in a state of limbo.  I painted them longer ago than you'd think, but Infinity kind of faded away and I never took a proper pic of them finished.  Still not proper, on the paint desk with a camera phone, but proof of life nonetheless.

Infinity hit the table the other night, as in 2014-the-other-night, so expect to see these guys again, next time hopefully in action.  I made it a goal to get figs on the table in 2014, and so far so good.  Looks like Hordes and Infinity are getting the nod to move up to the front, and we've already played games of both, great news!  

There's a beast of a 15mm sci-fi endeavor lurking in the depths as well, but best let that stay in lurk mode for now.  Until then, enjoy the above; a jump pack equipped melee monster Rasyat, a sneaky, shapeshifting, infiltrating Speculo Killer, and finally a sniping, crouching, camouflaging Noctifer.