Monday, October 5, 2015

More Beastmen

Work on the Beastman horde continues! Above is the vintage chariot I picked up!

Old school parts; plastic and metal. 

Here's the final product, almost. It's old school for sure, but I had some spare parts on hand (don't we all?) and I added a few pieces to enhance it just a bit. 

First off was this armored plate up front off of the current chaos chariot. I had to modify the driver fig to fit the more confined chassis, but it gives the overall look both armored up and kit bashed. 

Finally I added a pair of huge tusk/horns to the sides of the rig, also from the current chariot kit. Now it looks good and proper!

I also added my first named character; Malagor the Dark Omen. This is such a cool figure but for the longest time I was wracking my brain to figure out how to modify him with wings since his stats say he can fly. 

All the pics of Malagor on the GW site never showed his back...he's got wings already! Really cool crow wings! Conversion worries rightfully cast aside. 

That's all I've got for now, the horde grows and the paint flows!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Cork for the Beastmen!

I was eager to get those vintage Beastmen on some bases, so I wasted no time! I put these three on 40mm round bases just like my existing lord and shaman, but those had resin scenic bases. To make up for it (and for them being noticeably older sculpts) I went with some cork to even the playing field. 

So we have, left to right: the war standard bearer who acts as a hero, another shaman (great buffs for the troops), and another lord, this time with a single great axe instead dual wielding.

I didn't have a proper standard for my hero bearer, so I used a spare out of the Gor box. To make it seem more 'heroic'
I went to the one in the unit and carved off a lot of the extras to make it look simpler and make the new one that much fancier. 

It might be a bit before I get that chariot put together, but it's not going anywhere! Until then!