Monday, August 22, 2016

A Two Titan Tale

Do you like towering engines of destruction?  Do you like incredible feats of resin building, modeling, and painting?  Are you amazed and in awe when you see a "miniature" that towers above the battlefield in the 20" plus range?  Then look no more:

Happy to say that not only do I just know this guy, he's a buddy of mine.  Definitely check out his blog, follow it while you're at it.  Even if you're not a huge 40K fan, my buddy Jon has got some great posts about the building aspect of our hobby, and he's no slouch with the brush.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hot! Hot Lava!

One of the incredibly sweet benefits of my new job is getting to play on some top notch terrain from time to time.  In this case a couple of molten lava Citadel Realm of Battle boards!  Thought I'd share the love here, get it while it's hot!  That's the last one, I swear.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Nik's Mini? Tau Piranha!

It's that time again!  That time when your young'un is old enough to hold a brush and paint a mini!  It seems like, well, not too terribly long ago that I posted about my firstborn doing this very thing, and now this little guy is in on it.  Of course my goal is to get them both ramped up to the point where they will batch paint whole armies for me, mwahahaha!

Enough about my plans, check out little man's Tau Empire Piranha!  I did prep his brushes but I left the application and color selection 100% up to him for this one.  I would suggest things, like washes/shades in the crevices, but again, it's all him all the way.  

While we're at it, here's big sister painting from the aforementioned post.  They're roughly the same age when they started too!  He was a mid-four in the above pic and she's an old-four in this pic, so I guess that's the magic age to get going!  Don't be afraid to sacrifice some minis and get brushes in their hands, they may just like it!