Friday, August 21, 2015

I Am Games Workshop

A big 'hello' to all of my readers of the blog, we've been doing this a long time and today I've got a big announcement; I have quit my career as a school teacher and am going to run a one-man Games Workshop store here in town. 

It's not something I've taken lightly, but after much discussion with the family and over a year of courtship with Games Workshop themselves, it's a done deal. Next to Rochester New York my store will be the second one in the states under the new banner of Warhammer. 

Here is the store, from a square footage perspective it's a little larger than average, but it's less square and more rectangular. 

Starting Monday I will be putting the finishing touches on everything, and then next weekend will be the grand opening! 

Obviously my painting is going to be getting back on track, and that will be reflected here. Another obvious given is that the bulk of the new stuff shown here will naturally be GW minis. 

The corporate office and distribution hub for North America is in Memphis, TN which is just seven hours away. Here's the first wave of product for the store, sitting beautifully in the red zone and will be delivered in just a couple of days!

I am very excited to start this as I've got a head for business and a lifetime of gaming under my belt. Success of the store will hinge solely on my shoulders which makes me naturally nervous to an extent, but it's a positive energy. 

As always, and until next time, enjoy!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Age of Sigmar Prosecutors

Instead of clogging up the airwaves with more WIP of these figs I thought I'd just cut to the chase. 

From the moment I put these figs together I was looking forward to painting them up, they're that cool looking. 

The wings were the only hang up as I just didn't have the right tools (paints) to do them right. 

I painted back over the first result, went to the LGS and grabbed some Lahmian Medium and Guilliman Blue Glaze. After using the right stuff they came together with a result I'm quite happy with. 

Unit leader; the Prosecutor-Prime

Here's the other two troopers

Front and back of the basic troopers. I like that the Prime is a completely separate sculpt, but I prefer the look that both of these share a little better, even if they are the 'basic' models. 

All in all I love this unit and I tried to really put some quality brushwork into them as well. From a stat-perspective they seem like absolute monsters on the tabletop, so a mediocre paint job just wouldn't do. 

In fact I think I'm at a point where I'm just not going to settle for mediocre paint on any of my models from now on out. 

Next up; the heavily armed and armored Retributors and the Lord-Relictor himself. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Prosecutor Scrolls WIP

Just a quick three step process tonight on those long, flowing scrolls that cleverly connect the flying Prosecutors to their bases. Speaking of bases; first base coat Zandri Dust is applied, two thin coats but a heavy coverage. 

Next up a little Agrax Earthshade, making sure to really work it into the recesses. Then watch a couple of episodes of your favorite show while it dries. 

Finally go in with your White Scar and a small brush and hit all those raised areas and edges. I also did a drybrush-like technique over some of the runes and glyphs themselves to get more coverage. 

Next up should be the wings, and I can tell you they've already proven to be harder than you'd think. A quick and easy basing after that, and voila!