Sunday, November 11, 2007

Magic Mushrooms

So the mushroom said to the carrot, "No, seriously, I'm a fun guy..."

All right, thank you, you're too kind, I'll be here all week, tip your servers. Following on the trend of my black basalt towers, I followed up with some mushroom stands. I used some wooden doohickeys from Hobby Lobby to make them. The tops were actually wooden mixing bowls intended for big doll houses, the stems were some kind of pegs I found in the same section. I had originally intended for these to be part of the fungus grove terrain holding for my Ratskin Necromunda gang a long time ago. I never got around to it, and they've been shelved since then on the back burner, but no longer!

I made the 'shrooms easily enough with a hot glue gun. Then, with the help of Oz I might add, I epoxied them in clusters onto some large washers. The washers I found in a dirty pile, literally, on the ground near some construction when I was on campus last year. So once they were epoxied in, it was just time to paint them up. Here's a 'before' shot prior to spraying them down with a flat white.

For the colors I wanted something cool, and not necessarily too realistic. I also wanted some continuity too. The red caps with white spots were a given, tose just had to be done, plus, members of the household were lobbying hard there. Being how big these are on the tabletop compared to a 28mm fig, I made another cap in a very obvious "alien" vegetation look, with those little alien squiggles. These are either way fantasy, or way sci-fi, but work equally well whichever way you go I think. The third cap color was easy too, I use a lot of craft paints, and I had one labeled 'mushroom', so there you go. Lastly I glued on a layer of flock, then hit it with thinned down white glue, and let it dry. A few clear coats of fixative finished it off. Here's a size comparison shot with some Hammerfall Dwarves.

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