Thursday, December 6, 2007

Welcome to Sunny Eberron!

With the upcoming DnD4.0 looming on the horizon next year, I think people are getting skittish with their current 3.5 sourcebooks and ditchin' them wholesale. I don't get this really, books are books, they always work, and unlike software (where this mentality hails from) you don't have to upgrade whenever a new version comes along. Anyway, I've been reaping the spoils and picking up a lot of Eberron books on the cheap.

In front of every Eberron book they tell you what the deal is. In 2002, Wizards of the Coast put out a contest for campaign world submissions. The winner would have their idea fully realized with all the creative and marketing power of WotC at their backs. Well, they received over 11,000 entries, mine was one of them, haha. Therein lies the problem too, I was turned off to Eberron forever because, well, it wasn't mine, haha. My setting wasn't that great, I mean heck, I named it after a Rush song after all, but I thought it rocked at least! So, they chose to go another direction and I boycotted it, haha. Maybe I shouldn't have though, the setting, I have to admit, is solid.

These are the books I've picked up so far; Eberron Campaign Guide, Player's Guide to Eberron, Explorer's Handbook, the Five Nations, Sharn; City of Towers, Magic of Eberron, the Secrets of Xen'drik, and the first adventure module, the Shadows of the Last War. Saying I've picked these up cheap is an understatement. The most I've paid for a book was five bucks, for a near-new $40 dollar sourcebook. Everything else was around $3 to $4 bucks each, and we're talking $30 hardback sourcebooks here, most are still new too. Like the module, it was brand new, in the shrinkwrap for twenty six cents.

Anyway, I'm not just collecting books for the fun of it, I think I'm gonna run some kind of side game for players who don't get a whole lot of table time, namely my nephew. He's read some Salvatore books, painted a miniature or two, and has even tried his hand at an rpg. It's time to bring in the big geek guns, haha. I'll review the books here as they come in and go from there. I've been a bit of a no-show lately here, I'll just use the tired "I've been busy" excuse, sorry!

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