Saturday, March 1, 2008

Moray Battle Rifle (MBR)

Think of this as a sneak peek of sorts. Rucht did (and usually does) all the crunchwork when it comes to stats and stuff, actually the whole setting, I 'just' made up the name and drew it. Our rpg group played a great campaign a few years back called Alpha Wolfpack; it was super d20 Future, before d20 Future even existed. Think military sci-fi with some horror thrown in. All we had at our disposal was a lot of energy, the incredibly excellent d20 Modern sourcebook, and a couple of now-obsolete Gamma World d20 sourcebooks. Enough...

Moray Battle Rifle (MBR) (European Union): This railgun is the premier rail rifle of its kind. It is known for its extremely long range, making it a choice weapon for forces deployed onto barren planets with a far horizon. Its unique electromagnetic chamber, which maximizes its forward propelling power is the weapon’s key to its extreme range. The MBR, like all of its other precessors, can be modified to fire micro-missiles instead of railgun needles.

Type: Railgun
Rules: If the MBR is modified to become a micro-missile launcher, it fires the same ammunition as the Colt Basilisk, but at its normal range of 160. Getting a modified MBR raises the cost of the weapon by +1.

Moray (MBR)
damage: 3d12
firing bonus: +1
critical: 19-20/x2
type: railgun
range: 160'
RoF: single
magazine: 60/12
size: large

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