Sunday, April 27, 2008

32ft² of Geeky Goodness

I told y'all April was gonna be tough...and it has certainly been exactly that. In wrapping up my Master's, and my internship, and getting my teaching license, and, oh wait, trying to get a job (which I did!), geeking out was at the bottom of the totem pole (so were things like seeing sunshine and being with my family). I'm out of the clear, so to speak, last Wednesday was when most of the above came to fruition. So there I was, sleep depraved, but for the first time I had a weeknight without doing something related to school. So I called the boys up out of semi-geek retirement.

People like to pick apart pics and find clues and little tidbits, so I'll let the above pic speak for itself. It was a great night, no gaming per se, just hanging out and working on some stuff. Working on stuff that's been long overdue. Andy's been out of the loop with the birth of his new boy, so he was dusting off the cobwebs by working on an odd (but cool) project of GURPS-lite and Pokemon, of all things. Bottom-center, you can see the fledgling beginning of Chris' Ogre Kingdoms army, which has sent off to the 'dippers' as we speak...I can't wait to see how it turns out. Ray was working diligently on his budding Vampire Counts army, tired of waiting on the slowpokes (you know who you are!), he started putting together a unit of the new plastic Dire Wolves, which are a great looking kit. He's already finished a fully painted unit of both Zombies and Skeletons too. Finally; Brian's come across a windfall of Empire stuff. I don't know what all he had, neither does he, but just at first glance, it looks like he'll be set for a while. Actually, Empire was a close runner-up in my choices to do an army, it's just got a lot of character, and a great variety of troop types, from Halfling archers to Ogres. Finally there was my corner of the geek-laden table, and I humbly started on unit number two of my Dwarf army. You'll see the start to my Quarrelers unit. They'll also pull double duty as a Rangers unit when need be. As with most GW boxes, there's only sixteen troops total, so like last time, I'm supplementing the last four troops with Reaper figs; three generic crossbowmen, and the unit leader will be this fig. She's got a great, little 'scout' look to her and would be just as at home as a Ranger leader, or a regular Quarreler leader. Fluffwise, I'm going to peg her as the niece of Josef Bugman himself.


  1. Chris is not developing an ogre kingdoms army.

  2. You can't deny the photographic evidence before you!

  3. I've got the guy dipped. He looks pretty good. Pics up at my site soon.