Sunday, May 4, 2008

Free Comic Book Day

Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day, and it was great! For me, comic books have been a big part of my life, helping me learn to both read and draw as a small child, and now I can share them with my own small child, heh. That's what made this Free Comic day even better, I didn't go for myself, I went for my daughter, which made it even more rewarding. Although, I completely forgot to grab the free Hellboy comic, darnit, since it was on the higher up 'mature content' shelf...arrgh!

Unfortunately there weren't any creator signings in our area, but we were lucky enough for some members of Vader's 501st Legion to be on hand. These guys and girls had the ultimate Halloween costumes, and were having a blast to boot. Plus, I was really impressed with how great they were with the kids, especially those who were a bit shy at first. It was good to see a little fanfare for the event.

You don't get a single free comic, you get quite the haul! As I mentioned earlier, they had two categories; the general audience table and the mature content out of reach. We obviously focused on the overloaded table full of kid-friendly titles. We picked up most of the comics available, two dozen altogether, some good titles too:

Gekiga!: a B&W indie comic of Hiroshima's aftermath
Marvel Adventures: team-up of Iron Man, the Hulk, and Spider-Man
Gumby: classic characters and an Eisner award winning series
Transformers Animated: cartoon style robot change-em-ups
X-Men; a new recruit earns her wings...literally
Ignatz: a collection of B&W stories epitomizing sequential art
Gyro Gearloose: a Disney adventure w/ Donald Duck and his nephews
Tiny Titans: a chibi version of the Teen Titans
Amelia Rules: a fun tale of a girl's (mis)adventures
Superman: written by Grant Morrison no less!
Worlds of Aspen: well-drawn collection of various titles
How-to-Draw: a quick little "how-to" comic, not too shabby
Dan Dare: looks like pulp adventures meet Star Blazers
Comics Go Hollywood: info on the translation from comic to screen
Hulk/Iron Man: two part bio of these two Marvel icons
Love and Capes: at first glance looks like a fun, witty romp
Sonic the Hedgehog: 'nuff said, it's comic form
Comic Book Diner: a collection of Sky*Dog titles
Kid Houdini, and the Silver Dollar Misfits: looks promising...
Drafted: humanity unites against an alien threat...looks cool
The Moth: looks absolutely great, simple Superhero goodness
Impact University: some more how-to-draw elements of comics
Owly and Friends: I've read these before; good stuff and lots of fun
Cartoona Palooza: a solid collection of titles from Ape Entertainment

Overall, it was fun, and great of the folks at the comic shop to host the event! Maybe next year I'll be the one dressed up as a Tusken Raider, haha...

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