Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Mountain-Killing Sword

So there's a joke going around the DnD table, and it's with Brian's character. He plays a Moon Elf fighter, which isn't exactly unheard of, but he's pushing a 20 strength, so easily he's the biggest dang Moon Elf to walk around with a two-handed sword in the Realms. We use Lego figs at the table for marching order, combat, etc. It's a tad better than metal or plastic figs when it comes to customizing exactly what you want your character to look like. It's a lot harder though when it comes to fighting minions, NPC's, or big critters.

His character's sword, however, is made larger every game. At his debut, he was armed with a simple Lego sword, as time went by though, it got bigger and bigger. It reached its ceiling about a month ago here, of course any bigger would just be silly, haha. Well, I thought I'd push it and just see how far it could actually go. According to our battle mat, which has a grid of squares, each equivalent to a five foot space, as pictured here, the sword is now a whopping twenty-five feet long. It truly is a mountain-killing sword. Eat your hearts out both Cloud and Sephiroth.

A colossal meeple has emerged from its lair to assail our adventurer.

The Mountain-Killing sword easily slices the mammoth meeple from head to toe.

The gory aftermath.

Now, a twenty-five foot sword does seem silly, and on this Lego fig, it looks funny. But is it so outrageous? Well, yeah, it still is. But is it crazy to think along these lines? I think not, for that I leave you with the following:

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