Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Flames of War: Germans vs. Russians

The above carnage was the view I had for the entire battle. That's my unit of Soviet T-34's blown all to smithereens! We played a massive seven person game on a huge table sagging under the weight of fully painted armies and lavish terrain. It was a great gaming experience, and even though I admit to not being much of a World War II buff, I still had a blast.

The game was hosted by our buddy Brian C., and no, not the same Brian with the Dark Eldar army we speed-painted. Flames of War Brian has also got a gaming blog with a very detailed writeup reporting all of the action, there's also plenty more pics to drool over as well. I'm going to send you over there now; these are just some teaser pics to reel you in.

One of my minesweepers made it well past the mark of its life expectancy, getting ever-so-close to the German entrenchments. Flames of War was a great game, the rules had a very '40k' feel to them in that they were straight-forward, simple to use, easy and intuitive to pick up on the fly, and made for a fun atmosphere and a great game where you didn't spend half your time flipping through reference charts. I already have a sizable 15mm army, but it's sci-fi; my Star Grunt II army which resides in a box. Would I be keen on painting up a whole new 15mm army for a whole new game? Eh, probably not, but it is intriguing nonetheless. I'll no longer say "never" when it comes to a Flames of War army...


  1. Glad you enjoyed the game Mik. That last comment is a great compliment for the game :)


  2. If I plop down for a 3rd Greek Mountain Brigade I'll make sure my wife knows you're the reason!