Monday, October 13, 2008

Hold me 'til dawn, 'til the zombies are gone...

Last Night on Earth! Woohoo, what a great game! I could go on and on and review the game, but I'll stand on the shoulders of fellow game-blogger Supervike, and let you read his review. No, I'm not lazy, per se, it's just he's got a great little writeup which gives it a lot more justice than I would have. I should also rib him for not updating since the summer, so get crackin' SV!

Rucht's visits to town are far and few between, thus I had to capture the moment for posterity's sake. He controlled the undead horde for the game; Andy and I played a fabulous femme fatale force!

The aforementioned fabulous femme fatale force...

The "L" shaped corner pieces are plentiful and have a variety of specific locales on them; such as the police station, pharmacy, general store, and the like. Searching for items in these areas will yield items common to that place. Your starting positions can be random, and you never know which board pieces will be used either, so there's a lot of replay value automatically built in. The center tile is double sided and the larger squares mean your character gets to travel faster in these (unimpeded) areas.

Set up at the beginning of the game; girls clustered in the center and red 'alpha' zombies randomly placed in buildings. The goal of this scenario was to wipe out the alphas before dawn.

Of course there were more than just alpha zombies, the regular zombies were also droves. Alphas moved faster and were tougher, but the "regular" zombies were still a threat.

Production value is high for this game. It sports quality board tiles and some nicely sculpted game pieces.

The smell of a cluster of fresh brains brings the zombies running to the pharmacy where the girls are holed up, trying to search for medicine and supplies. There is an expansion for this game too called Growing Hunger, which we played with for this game. Having never played the game without it, I couldn't tell a difference, but apparently it adds new scenarios, board tiles, figures, hero templates, and more. If you're looking for something new, I highly recommend this one; the price is right, the learning curve is low, replay value is high, and it's a boatload of fun.

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