Saturday, October 25, 2008

Munchkin Cards

I know I've mentioned Steve Jackson's moneymaker, Munchkin on here more than once or twice. If I haven't said it lately, I'll reiterate here; it's a great game. It does have some depth, if you can get past the goofiness, but mostly, it's just a bunch of fun. It's an easy one to break out at little to no notice, and requires little to no prep work too. If you own the game, you've noticed the blank cards it comes with as well, here's what we've done with the cards in our set.

The Ragna-Rocker

This is a solid little weapon that favors music being played in the room while a game is going on. It's two hands, duh, and gives you a -1 to run away (presumably because you're clicking away instead of paying attention to your surroundings).


Munchkin is all about playful backstabbing and double-crossing your supposed allies. This card works wonderfully in this same 'bite me' vein, while still remaining happy-go-lucky.

The Oz Card

Chris, who makes a cameo on here from time to time, was the inspiration for this card. He's as avid a Munchkin player as any of us, and his verbal antics in the past when someone would discard an item he was under the impression should not have been tossed are legendary. If timed right, it's a great card.

Freaky Friday

This was one of the first cards we made. I don't think it has ever been a game winner, but I have seen it used a few times to thwart someone with a strong lead.

The Long Count

I wish there was enough room on the card for a little Mayan Calendar symbol or something, but oh well. This one might seem a tad severe, but considering you still keep your level, race, and class after you die, it's not too bad. Plus, it's party-wide, so everyone (allegedly) suffers the same fate.

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