Friday, November 14, 2008

Sprue me? No, sprue you!

After a blistering pace of journal entries for October, I quickly came to a standstill in November. I could list all the tedious details, or just say "I'm busy", but it doesn't really matter does it? There's been geekin' out going on, just not a lot of it, and I must confess I've been playing the Xbox a bit more lately too.

In a recent group purchase to the Warstore however, I did pick up another box of Tactical Space Marines in hopes of fleshing out my Dark Angels a little bit. Now that "40k fever" has taken hold, I may augment my plans and do a little more than just 'flesh out' my army. Last week Andy, Ray, and myself got together for a little kitbashing.

Here's the fruits of my labor; a ten-man tactical squad kitted out with a melta-gun and a multi-melta. As a side note, I always hated the name "multi-melta", it reminds me too much of Taco Bell's MexiMelt. Anyway, I used nothing but beaky helmets (the new style) and 'flesh-heads' for this squad giving them a bit of a unique look (moreso than usual anyway). Their shoulder pads are the embossed Dark Angel ones I got off the GW site, and the Veteran Sgt. has all manner o' bits from the Dark Angel veteran sprue, including a cyborged out head.

A post-script here. Although I'm a big fan of good ole Yuengling, when consumed after a tasty Bass, and an even tastier Smithwicks, it comes up fairly lacking in the taste department.

As a bonus, here's a pic of one of Andy's new terrain pieces. It made its debut in a recent 40k battle which I will write up this weekend, hopefully.

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