Friday, December 26, 2008

Scout Squad Whitefeather

A fully loaded Scout squad

Size: Ten Man Squad (split into two five-man combat squads)
Leader: Scout Sergeant
Wargear: scout armour, frag / krak grenades
Special Equipment: sniper rifles, shotguns, Heavy Bolter, and Veteran Sgt. gear
Naming Convention: Squad Whitefeather. Real life Marine Corps sniper, Carlos Hathcock is one of the most documented and well-known modern day snipers in military history. The tricked-out, mucho deluxe M25 sniper rifle was made in his honor and named the Whitefeather. For years I was perplexed at all the feather motifs on my Dark Angels, especially on my Deathwing models. Even though the word "wing" is in the title, I figured they were going with some sort of Native American thing. Even though the word "angel" is in the chapter name, again, I never put that with the feather references. So, named after the nickname of a real life sniper, and having feathers built into the chapter fluff, it was a no-brainer.

A close combat oriented combat squad armed with shotguns and a Heavy Bolter. The Scout Sgt. is also tooled up for melee. This can operate as a separate 'troops' entry, or as a combat squad split off from a larger, ten-man troop choice. Stat-wise, a missile launcher would've been a better choice, but it's hard to beat the Heavy Bolter model on look s alone. For this reason, he made the cut. I also chose shotguns for the same reasons, they look cool. Plus, it's neat to arm your Marines with something other than the usual Bolter fare. Stat-wise, the shotgun is also a legitimate choice to boot, so it's the best of both worlds.

On the plus side; lots of great pouches and add-ons.

The assembly of the Scout sprue was an incredibly tedious and frustrating affair. These are not good kits by any means. The plastic sculpts are nice, and the amount of extra equipment and doohickeys is a plus, but the assembly alone makes me think twice about doing any more Scouts in the near future.

Scout Sergeant Felix is armed with a bolt pistol and a combat blade, plus he's got the Data/Cyclops visor thing going on too. Since his pistol looks like it has a silencer on it, we'll just call it a Stalker-pattern Bolt Pistol, like Sgt. Telion's larger counterpart.

Another five man unit kitted out for a specialist role, this time it's long range support. I really like the finished look of the snipers, but the models once again are very simple, consisting of just three parts; the lower legs, the upper torso/rifle/coak, and the head. They paint up well enough though, despite their near-gameboard design.

I wanted to do an intricate camouflage for their camo cloaks, but opted out of it. Since the whole army is based with the desert-gravel-sand look, I went with cloaks that would blend in with a similar environment.

Detached as a combat squad from a larger ten-man unit, this guy will be "just another sniper". Fielded as their own squad choice, he'll act as the Scout Sergeant. I do plan on painting up a Dark Angel version of Telion however, and will field him whenever possible, who will obviously replace this guy as squad leader. Having chosen to go with the new Space Marine codex, instead of the antiquated Dark Angel one, a lot of new options open up to me, such as using Telion with my scouts. Of course I won't name him Telion, I've already bought the model and filed off the Ultramarine symbols, and since the Dark Angels have their own famous scout leader, with no stats mind you, I'll just name my new Telion model Scout Sergeant Naaman.

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