Friday, December 5, 2008

Feast and Famine

First off, a belated Thanksgiving goes out to all my readers. Our Thanksgiving this year was very memorable and went off with a great success; it was a laid back and relaxed affair, and nary a turkey or traditional food in sight. It was a good time with friends and family. What am I thankful for? Well, my health, my family, my friends, my job, and of course, my hobbies. I count myself truly fortunate to be able to do what I do, dedicate significant money out of the budget and significant square footage of our houses to geeking out in all its forms. That's not a stock pic, it's me!

Although I am thankful for my job, I was very thankful to have some time off over Thanksgiving though! Now, like a good little dedicated gamer, I should have used that ample time off to crank out some terrain, paint some models, or check something else off the geek-to-do list. As you can tell from the above pic however, I played Halo 3. I played Halo 3, and nothing else.

Fortunately I always have people to play with, and no, not the 30,000+ players online who regularly kick my butt, but local players; my family! My brother-in-law and his daughters (my nieces) are all avid players, my oldest niece's boyfriend also plays, so there's plenty of Spartans on hand for some multi-player mayhem. The above pic shows two, yes two, flat screens, which is nice. The most impressive part is the "tiny" screen on the bottom is a 37" screen, meaning the one on the wall is, well, Godzilla-massive.

Behold, the power of a fully operational system-linked setup! Setting up eight player matches is an incredibly easy affair, all it takes is an Ethernet cable and you're good to go.

Another pic of my character, on the beautifully scenic 'Standoff' board.

This isn't a review, although Halo 3 might be the best game in my Xbox arsenal, but more of an excuse of why I haven't been painting! After Thanksgiving break, I took stock of my to-do list and reevaluated the situation. I absolutely gorged myself on video gaming, but the downside to that is my miniatures hobby withered away into obscurity. With our new 40k campaign about to kick off, I need to get serious about cranking out both miniatures and terrain. I'll use zoning out on the Xbox as a reward for after I get minis stuff done, such as finishing units and the like. I've never policed myself like this before, so hopefully it works out well.

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