Wednesday, January 7, 2009

January Terrain Project(s)

Four 6" bases and a 3" add-on

I'll keep this post brief, 'cause as you can see...I need to get busy! Continuing our "make terrain for the Emperor" campaign over at Trucidos, I decided to start earlier than I did last month. Last month was easier though, I was doing a single large piece, not a bunch of little ones!

All black undercoat = bad photo

The good news is that my Imperial C.A.N. is built, textured, undercoated...and ready to paint! Kudos to Andy, if you can see it, above the door is a cool looking Imperial-esque skull and wing motif...that he cast himself out of resin!

Two sets of ruined buildings

I'm looking ahead to a very possible future 40k campaign in the distant future, which will hopefully center around the Cities of Death rules. In that vein I'll be focusing on lots of ruined urban terrain, like these two bases above. Plus, such terrain will compliment Necromunda beautifully. These ruined walls came from the same third edition boxed set I scavenged my objective markers from. The "floors" will be covered in rubble 'n such...

Another H.E.A.P. to paint up

The Rat's Nest

I'm really happy with how this one turned out, although it's not painted or based yet, and the pictures don't do it justice, ahem, I'm still happy with it. I put together this ancient and wrecked, classic Land Raider last month, but didn't know exactly what I would do with it. After about three or four episodes, back-to-back, last night of Bizarre Foods, I looked up from my table and this is what I had.

It's an old Mk I Land Raider, abandoned on Trucidos who knows when, and has since been scavenged, scrapped, and then "augmented". It's been reinforced with chunks of building rubble, as well as armor plates and girders.

The interior has been built up with wooden planks to make for a secure little shelter and cramped living quarters if needed in a pinch. Up top is a makeshift lookout post. I would've liked to have enclosed it all the way around, and it probably would be, but it would be impossible to get your figs in and out if that were the case. Of course I could've done some type of removable panel...but I've got more than this thing to build!



  1. Thanks! This terrain-based campaign was an awesome idea!