Saturday, February 28, 2009

Barricades, Generators, and a Science Station

As part of our ongoing 40k campaign on the planet of Trucidos, I whipped up some terrain for the month of February. I wanted pieces that would be versatile enough on the tabletop, but still look solidly sci-fi. As part of the scoring system we use however, I had to make quite a bit of it, or at least more than square foot each month, to make it worthwhile.

Science station with accompanying generator

A pair of Batroun-class generators

A series of barricades made from city ruins

Size comparison with a Space Marine

The scene this morning, prior to jumping headlong into the project


  1. Nice use of electrical boxes there. have you thought of trying to paint up some of the square panels positioned diagonally at the top as skylights?


  2. No, I hadn't thought of that, which is too bad because it's a great idea! I'll likely do another batch of these, and that tip will definitely be used. I may go back and retrofit these as well. Thanks...

  3. Hi what have you used for tne generators, i see electrical boxes mentioned but does not help me any thx Jim