Thursday, April 2, 2009

Altarrock, the Lost Son

Altarrock, my character for our Spirit of the Century campaign

Name: Altarrok, the Lost Son
Archetype: Jungle Lord

Skill Pyramid:
Endurance 5+
Fists 4+, Athletics 4+
Survival 3+, Might 3+, Stealth 3+
Alertness 2+, Intimidation 2+, Empathy 2+, Leadership 2+
Mysteries 1+, Resolve 1+, Sleight of Hand 1+, Contacting 1+, Investigation 1+

Foreigner (Lost World)
Call of the Wild
Code of Jungle Justice
Gorilla Warfare
Veil of the Panther
Curse of Ixtab
Fire Water!
Mask of Naña Buluku
Leader of (Proto) Men
Tribal Protector

Raised from birth by a forgotten tribe of Ape-Men in the jungles of the Lost World, Altarrock learned the ways of his people. As he grew more feral, he was exiled to the wilds where he became a force of nature. Legends grew of the "White Lion" who stalked the darkness, saving those in need.

During an air battle with Dr. Methusalah's Dread Zeppelin, renowned Century Club member Sir Trenton Fairweather, and his single engine plane, were sucked into a rift seam caused by one of Methusalah's vortex cannons. Fairweather ended up reappearing over the skies in the Lost World and crash landed. Altarrock came to his aid and nursed him back to health. The two became lifelong friends and Fairweather brought Altarrock back to the civilized world, sponsoring his membership in the Century Club.

Altarrock and the Slave Raiders of the Yucatan;
guest starring Johnny Snapshot

While searching for answers in the ancient temples of the Maya, Altarrok encounters a slave ring forcing indigenous people to dig for artifacts. Altarrock is able to liberate the slaves, but only by sacrificing himself, being buried alive in an ancient vault. If it wasn't for Snapshot discovering him days later, he would have perished.

Guest Starred in:
Petals McMurphy in the Orchids of Doom
Hypnotized and enslaved, using methods both mystical and domestic, Altarrock becomes a minion of doom in the arsenal of Gorilla Khan. Altarrock is forced to fight his own friends and allies and all would be lost had he not been saved by an African Spirit Mask.

John Smith and the Shadow League
W.G. Morggeustrom, governor of Borneo, is targetted by the Shadow League for clone replacement. Altarrok assisted special agent John Smith by reuniting and leading the native Dayaks against the forces of the Shadow League. The two heroes were triumphant and led the region into a new age of prosperity.

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