Tuesday, April 14, 2009

NASA's Node 3 is Named Tonight

To accompany the Internation Space Station, NASA whipped up Node 3. Obviously the name "Node 3" is rather lackluster, so NASA though tit would be clever and hold a "Name Node 3" contest online, of course they gave several perfectly good names to choose from. Apparently NASA wasn't thinking about Stephen Colbert.

Using his public forum and Comedy Central show of the same name, Colbert urged viewers to write in a new name for Node 3, the Colbert. Not only that, but support was overwhelming, and it looks like his name won out, ensuring his promise would be kept, "When the aliens come to Earth, they're going to get a taste of hardcore patriotism on their way in." NASA officials reserve the right in the end to pick the final name, but considering the new name is being announced on the Colbert Report tonight at 11:30est...

A while back I posted a couple of clips of my all-time favorite band, Rush, performing on the Colbert Report, who in turn gave a great interview. This, of course, was a very cool move in my opinion, and his latest Node 3 naming coup d’├ętat helps immensely. Then I found the following painting just today. Check out the artist's signature, that would be longtime Dungeons and Dragons artist Todd Lockwood.


  1. I am curious if NASA will choose one of the "less popular" choices. It makes a great story though, and it may gain NASA more attention to name it Colbert. We'll find out tonight!

  2. I really hope NASA doesn't cheese out either. If they were smart, they'd embrace this PR train!

  3. Well it looks like NASA did cheese out after all...sort of. I've got a post brewing for the Node #3 follow-up, stay tuned.