Monday, May 25, 2009

40K New Army Decision Time

Return to Trucidos?

Hello fellow readers! I won't fill myself with delusions of grandeur thinking I have "thousands of dedicated readers" as I've alluded to in the past, but according to my little "citizens" box on the right, there's a whopping twenty nine of ya, which is about twenty seven more than I would've dreamed of. So I call out to you to help me.

You may remember our local 40K campaign on the planet Trucidos. If you don't then it is because it fell flat rather quickly and all but ground to a halt. Well, we're revamping the idea, have signed on a few new players, and made the campaign parameters more forgiving if someone flakes out or drops off the map. But it's decision making time and I need to know what army to take with me when I hit dirtside (always loved that term!).

The choices are simple, just three, four if you include a write-in, but the write-ins would have to be overwhelming to really make their mark. We've got Tau, Dark Angels, and Chaos Cultists. The latter being an Eye of Terror army, which I know isn't exactly fifth edition, but we're a pretty laid back bunch and its allowable.

So I decided to whip up a poll (ala 25mm Warrior) and leave it up to you. The three armies are detailed below and not coincidentally make up your choices. Like I said, there's a fourth options, if you think I should do [insert another 40k army here], vote for that, comment after this post detailing what and why. Thanks in advance!

pros: I already have the army, I have a large painted army in fact, easily 2,000 points. You might be able to click my Tau label to see some of them, but they've never been showcased here 'cause they haven't seen that much action, maybe it's time?

cons: I would have to add a few more XV-8's just to get the right weapon configuration combinations (maybe, I've got eleven so far), and maybe add a Sniper Drone or two or other new stuff that's come out since last I played them, but that's pretty minor. Also, not having used them in a while, I'm rusty on their tactics.

Dark Angels
pros: Well, they're close to being complete and I'm sitting on enough of a painted army to make a solid go at a campaign, I would have to add nothing. Plus, they're marines, which function great and look even better.

cons: I just played them in the last campaign, in fact, they've been getting nothing but the spotlight on the tabletop to the chagrin of everything else. I'm not tired of looking at them, but a fresh change of pace might be in order.

Chaos Cultists
pros: This is a fun army, full of character, and decidedly the bad guys for once. I also am sitting on a thousand points already of models that are raring to go. I've also got some neat ideas to represent troops too, like the Sentrek Freemen, and plague zombies. I am leaning this direction, it'd be fun, but see the cons below.

cons: It's a thousand points of...models. I'd have to build and paint this army from scratch...from the ground up and I already have two completed armies, so do I need another one, a THIRD one? I dunno, I do know that I'm not "Mr. Army painter guy" and it might take a while. This could be a problem if we're going to kick off the campaign this summer. That's about all the cons I have, oh, and since I'm using an older list, it would obviously not be "public" compliant, but I rarely (if ever) find myself around a table with strangers, so this is hardly a consideration in and of itself.


  1. I voted Tau, you get to go over your old army, redo bits, add tiny modifications and saving money compared to the cultists. You seem to want a bit of a change from the DA otherwise you'd just use them for the next campaign ^.^

    The Tau have fairly nice fluff too, re read it , get yourself pumped visit some Tau blogs and go over the favoured tactics.

  2. I voted Chaos cultist for purely selfish... It has great potential for conversions an I' love to see what you do.

  3. @Farske: You speak words of wisdom my friend!

    @PBlog: I knew others would vote Cultists just to see me suffer, haha!

  4. I vote against tau, because I have to actually play against you.

  5. @Oz: You saw the post before this one right? You'd rather face shiny new Terminators than some skinny aliens?

    It all tastes like chicken to the 'Nids anyway, unless you're switching to...Chaos Marines? Hmmm?

  6. Although it pains me to say it, I voted Tau as well. Like you I think I'm on the verge of getting tired of my Dark Angels, and I think a change is a coming.

    As you already have the Army, Tau seems a logical choice. And I'd love to see more of them!

  7. I won't let the Inquisition know of your heretical thoughts! Don't get me wrong, I love my Dark Angels, they're the best of all the marines as you already know, but like you said, Tau would be the logical choice, hmmm...

  8. My vote is for the cultitsts.

  9. For this campaign, I'd say Tau, but once you have that up to date, go for the chaos cultists - you can never have too many armies... :D

  10. Mik,

    I think you should go with the Cultists. In addition to the "you can never have too many armies" argument, I would offer that these guys would add the most to the campaign by bringing something different to the table. Tau and Marines are both just the usual SF shooty guns with the added 40K choppy bits thrown in. The Cultists will be something comepletely different, offering a unique challenge both for you and for your opponents.

  11. Well spoken Brian, you bring some incredibly valid points to the table. At first it looked like the Tau were running away with it, but the Cultists, true to form, are sneaking up on them. Thanks for the input.