Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Blacksun Council

The Blacksun Council

I'm going to try something new here. I usually will post what army and how many points I used during the battle reports, but that's about it. Since I don't do a ton of battles, I could lavish a little more attention to the forces I actually use, kind of give them a little extra spotlight. Since I've recently mentioned how my Tau are almost never showcased here, I thought this was a good place to start. Here we have the Blacksun Council. The name's not very original, and I only took it because it's equipment everyone shares, and only because I was too lazy to find something better to do with leftover points, heh.

One of the newer additions to our gaming group is breaking the ice on some 40k action, in fact you've just seen him in action here. To help supplement his Ork force I whipped up a small Tau attachment to accompany them. These Tau were acting in a purely "advisory" role. Since the opponent was Imperial Guard, I couldn't think of a reason why Dark Angels would be allied with greenskins anyway. Here's the breakdown, since this was a small detachment I was only working with five hundred points, which got a little tricky. I fell into a trap where I upgraded every facet of my army to fill in the points, instead I could've done without some extras (like Blacksun filters) and just added more troops.

HQ: Shas'el
Troop #1: x6 Fire Warriors
Troop #2: x6 Fire Warriors with Devilfish, led by Shas'ui
Heavy: XV88 Broadside Battlesuit

Shas'el Sav'Tol'tor, advisor and leader
gear: Multi-tracker, Stimulant injector, Targeting array, Blacksun filter
weapons: Plasma rifle, Missile pod

Or'es Ka, the Lance of the Tau
gear: Targeting array, Blacksun filter, Hard-wired drone controller, Shield Drone
weapons: twin-linked Railgun, twin-linked Plasma rifle

Fire Warriors (two units)
1. six Fire Warriors with Pulse rifles
2. six Fire Warriors with Pulse rifles led by a Shas'ui

Shas'ui equipped with a Pulse carbine and Markerlight

gear: Flechette discharger, Decoy launchers, Disruption pod, Multi-tracker, Blacksun filter
weapons: x2 Gun Drones, Burst cannon, x2 Seeker missiles


  1. What did you do to convert the Crisis suit's head?

    I ask because I'm kicking around conversions for my own suits, and much as I like Crisis Suits, the boxy head just isn't doing it so much for me.

  2. @Raptor 1313: I dug up and cropped all the pics I had of my commander (which weren't a lot) which I'll post to better show it. It was simply a headswap with a plastic Gundam action figure.

    The blog Warhammer Tau has a great little trick for bulking out the heads and adding armor to the chest area. The chest armor is dead easy to do as well.