Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Retribution of Scyrah

Ranged Elves with very sci-fi looking rifles!

Possible Mage Hunter solo? Leader?

A unit of heavily armed and well armored high-tech Elves

Not too long ago I had mentioned maybe looking at Hordes again. It's tough, I know I can always grab a game at the LGS, but getting my actual gaming group to play is another trick altogether. Alhough, the people who get in most of the regular gaming here still have their armies, so it might not be too hard, ahem.

To accompany the release of the WARMACHINE Mark II rules, Privateer Press has announced the release of a new, fifth faction, the Retribution of Scyrah. This is the biggest news since they released Hordes way back when, and might be the next Privateer product to warrant my second look after all. Here's a few blurry images posted, teaser pics at best, along with the fluff, all point to an Iosan faction, aka Elves. Interesting!

One unit technically out for the new faction already is the above Hordes model, a Minion Lesser Warlock Dahlia Hallyr and her bonded warbeast tatzlwurm Skarath. This is one of a few neat (and rare) models that can pull double duty for both games; Hordes and WM. It was her stat card that listed the available factions she could work for that first tipped off astute players that indeed the Retribution was imminent. Of course if I did go this route, I would have to paint up that tatzlwurm purple in honor of old-school DnD.


  1. Thought that first pic was Tau!

  2. On the PP forums that's a growing consensus. People act like it's a bad thing, I personally love it!