Monday, June 22, 2009

The Gropers of Gorgorth

The Gropers of Gorgorth

The light of the Chaos Dwarves is fading every day in the halls of Games Workshop. They are no longer grandfathered in as a preexisting WHFB army, and there's only one model in the entire range that can still be said to sport the little evil guys, and even then their hats are gone! I love these guys even more because of this, they get to exist in their own little GW time warp bubble and stomp about the pitch on equal terms!

Chaos Dwarves are always known for their funny hats

Again, credit for these amusing conversions goes to Oz, who did a great job here. Remember their old hats? Those were pewter too, that took a lot of hacksawing just to remove! The new ones are hats from the Lego cowboy range, nice!

Ocho Hobgoblinos

Star players: 1st edition Geargrinder, Bull Centaur, and a Blunderbusser

More of them dang numbers


  1. Now Chaos dwarves are one of the teams I do not have. Probably because they look so lame with those old hats. You new look is interesting. I have been think about converting a team if I can get enough hellcannon crew members.

    As a note, I believe Geargrinder is a 2nd edition star player.

  2. Good stuff Mik. I like the new hats (being a Texan and all)...

    The GW Chaos Dwarves are some of the butt-ugliest figures around. But there are a few decent options available these days. Impact's Black Rock dwarves are obviously Chaos Dwarf inspired and are interesting models. These have also been some "dark dwarf" type scults on TBB lately from a new company. They look pretty sweet. The real problem is finding hobgoblins...

  3. Geargrinder *is* 2nd edition, oh well. He may have to become a sideline assistant coach instead!

    I like the Chaos Dwarves quite a bit, it is too bad the CDwarf figs are so sub-par. I looked at the Impact, there's some cool figs and teams on the there. The Black Rock Bull Centaurs are amazing...

  4. I don't see why you couldn't use the gear grinder fig for the orc chainsaw dude and add him to your ork list...