Thursday, July 16, 2009

#5970 Freeze Ray Frenzy

5970-Freeze Ray Frenzy

I finally picked up one of the new Space Police sets, and it doesn't disappoint! It's one of the smaller sets, but for ten bucks you get a bunch of goodies. Two mini-figs start off the set, one alien baddie and a space policeman. You also get two hover type bikes, or swoops if you draw a Star Wars reference. The police bike very closely resembles the hover bike seen chasing a young Kirk in the beginning of the new Star Trek flick.

With only eighty pieces in the set you get several good ones, including a new flame piece I haven't seen before and a few slanted 1x2 vented grates which are nice too. Lots of little studs and a few good engine turbines round out the set.

Kranx, the biker leader, is just awesome...full of fun character. His bike build is great too, using a lot of nifty build techniques and has a unique, asymmetrical design to it. You'll also note the new flame piece I mentioned used as engine exhaust.

Talking with Chri3, I have to agree that the cops don't have personalities themselves. Lego could've at least given them names or something. Anyway, the officer comes with the aforementioned cop-swoop, which ingeniously used an older trike bike chassis, turned backwards. The wheel pegs are left 'empty' too, giving it a chunky look. I'm am so not enthused with the "flick-fire" missiles, but whatever, they look good on it.

Kranx and Officer

Kranx, as mentioned, is a great fig, lots of fun. He's got a great torso, with printed legs too, neat little details like the skull belt buckle and wallet chain are in there too. His head, a single piece would work great as a DnD Dragonborn in a pinch as well. The printed torso and legs on the officer are great too, he's got a whole carapace armor look going on, and major kudos to Lego for throwing in a classic space backpack too!

Their torsos are double printed to boot!

Overall a great set, and great value for the money. The builds are fun and utilize some interesting techniques, and the figs are just great. A couple of nitpicks; other than the officer's helmet and backpack, neither fig comes with any gear, guns, or equipment. Kranx needs at least a pistol (you could even get by with a pirate pistol), and the officer needs at least a walkie talkie, maybe a megaphone gun too. Also, the tiles with graphics and text aren't printed, but stickers. This seems to be the norm nowadays however.


  1. I was wondering who the space police were going to arresting when I saw them in passing while shopping for birthday presents for my 3 year old daughter. Aliens only seems sort of xenophobic.

    My wife suggest space prostitutes in reference to Dave Foley on News Radio.

  2. Yeah, there's a definite Humanis-Superiorus thing going on. Next week we're going to be trying out 3:16 Carnage Among the Stars, which, oddly enough, has a lot in common with these new sets.

    Your wife's got the right idea: I say bring out all the villains; space hookers, space junkies and pushers, alien illegal whale poachers, space white collar corporate criminals...

  3. Sounds a little hard edge for a childrens toy. ;)