Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Beards are Back!

The Dwarf Throng

The absolute pièce de résistance of all the new loot I have recently assimilated has got to be, hands down, this very large Dwarf army for Warhammer Fantasy. You may recall from a while back, we had wanted to kick of a WHFB game, but it fell kind of flat unfortunately. Well, since this has fallen in my lap, I'm going to do something with, even if it's nothing besides just completing it. Now to actually game with it...that'd be great.


This army, what parts are finished, was very well painted by Marc, you can tell he really took his time. Slayers have always been some of my favorites, and here we've got a block of about twenty. If you add in some Rackham Plains Dwarves, including a musician and standard bearer, I might be able to get it up to twenty five strong.

Bugman's Rangers

This unit rocks, plain and simple. You can still get their brewing leader, Josef Bugman, but I don't think his Rangers are available any more, making them extra cool. The pics don't do these justice, those banners are made from balsa wood and attached using twine to look like ropes. These guys will see tabletop action all the time.


No, they're not under eighteen years old, they dig in the Earth for gems and metals. This unit of metal Miners have a lot of character to them and an almost cartoony, Rankin Bass kind of look to them. I don't know much about their abilities and effectiveness.

Hammer Time

This unit of Dwarf Hammerers will eventually bear a Dwarf King Alric in the front ranks, the model of this king riding atop a shield carried by two bodyguards is too cool to pass up. Again, all metal models, there wasn't a plastic one in the whole lot.

Slayer King and Master Engineer

Old versions of the Anvil of Doom and the Throne of Power

Rare choices; the Flame Cannon and Gyrocopter

A battery of three cannons with crew and a bolt thrower

I add to all of the above my one unit of Dwarf Warriors and an unfinished (but assembled) unit of Quarrelers. I also have a couple boxes of Ironbreakers laying around too, but I need one more box of command for them. As you can tell, I'm in dire need of core troop choices though, especially if I want to field all those cannons!

I also have a ton of Rackham Dwarves I picked up on clearance a while back. As you know, these are great sculpts and hard to come by nowadays. I don't know how they'll fit into the above army, but using them in roles such as Thanes and Runesmiths seems likely. They're too nice to sell off or let collect dust though.

So, this all is exciting news, but does bring up a conundrum; I'm not going to be able to do both a Traitor Guard army and a Dwarf army, even if given the next year or two. I am so close to having a proper WHFB army, I need to put my focus and energy in that department. I already have not one, but two proper 40k armies, it'd be a shame to start a third one when I have all these great looking Dwarves laying around. Dwarves 1, Traitor Guard 0.

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