Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Moon (2009)

I got to see this little sci-fi indie flick just a couple of days ago and was pleased. Just seeing the trailer, I knew it would be down my alley, but frankly I was expecting a Solaris type psychological thriller with a HAL clone thrown in for good measure. Had it been just that, the movie would've ended up in mediocre territory.

Because the movie went in some directions that I hadn't even considered, I was caught a tad off guard, but really liked the ride. The very nature of the plot twists and such though prevent me from going into the details of the movie too terribly much, I don't want to ruin anything. Suffice it to say there are no aliens, no explosions, no hyper-drives, and no cheese factor. This is hard sci-fi done right, it's both believable and solid.

I had doubted Sam Rockwell at first, but he held his own beautifully. Given his character's situation, most of the acting duties, and by extension, the whole film, rested solely on his shoulders. The tagline of the movie reads, "Set in the near future, follows the story of a man isolated on a moon base for three years who is lonely, but not alone."

It's an indie film, so don't expect it on multiple screens at the local megaplex. If you've got an arthouse style theater in your town, chances are it might be there. If you demand more from your sci-fi films than just cool explosions, then Moon is for you.


  1. I've seen previews for that, and it had struck me as being a more intelligent, realistic sci-fi movie. I mean, sci-fi as in 'given this science, what would happen?' as opposed to a lot of stuff that's more space-opera.

    It reminds me that I need to go and try to find that one...

  2. Yeah, it's definitely worth a look, and the science is pretty believable. My only real complaint I forgot to mention was Kevin Spacey as the voice of the AI. He was too recognizable for an indie-feeling film like this. Nit picky I know...