Sunday, August 9, 2009

Brickarms Order

The goods...

So I put in an order, finally, to Brickarms. This is a small run business out of the owner's garage, but uses some high-tech techniques in both the design department as well as the processing of the pieces themselves. Their niche is making little plastic weapons for little Lego people, and they're doing very well.

A while back there was some bad press about them from an overreactive, sensationalist media outlet saying that Brickarms was selling "terrorists" and "evil germans", obviously these claims were ludicrous and I hope the publicity Brickarms got out of it gave them a boost in sales regardless of the tabloid's intentions.

The arsenal

Primarily I picked up these weapons to properly outfit the troopers we've been using in 3:16 lately, but these guns would work well with just about anything Lego related. I went with a very modern / sci-fi order, but they also a lot of historical WWII pieces as well as some older time periods as well. Their focus is in guns, but they have other tidbits too.

You can tell these were produced on a sprue, but have been very neatly clipped off. On the bottoms of the handles on a few of the weapons I could detect some extra plastic flash, but it was barely noticeable. If it's a problem, a quick cleanup job with an x-acto should do the trick. The order came well packed in small, ziplock style baggies and shipped (quickly) in a padded envelope. The receipt was neat in that it gave a visual reference for all the items, and was in color. In it was also a bonus 'card', double sided in full color.

The bonus card with their '09 lineup

The cool thing about Brickarms is that you get a *free* weapon with every order! The weapon is random, including the color, and sometimes that color is a 'limited edition' color that may or may not make it into production, but the fact that they throw one in is really cool. As you can see, I scored a bronze colored Dadao sword, woohoo.

The pieces are all of a very high quality. The plastics used (and you get a variety of colors on a lot of items) is a hard plastic, not bendy, and has zero mold lines on them. The pieces very closely resemble what they're supposed to be, down to charging handles, trigger guards, and magazine releases. They also offer sci-fi "replicas" that "coincidentally" resemble the guns you might use in popular first-person sci-fi shooters and might have seen in 1986 military sci-fi action movies.

Since this is a review after all, I have on nitpick. The guns are good, almost too good. Adding trigger guards and the like certainly makes them look awesome. But in cases like the combat shotgun shown above, you can't pose your minifig with his gun 'at the ready' (sideways across his body. The only way to hold the shotgun is straight out in front, or by the foregrip. I may hack one up with my x-acto to see if it makes a difference, but like I said, this is a small nitpick about some otherwise very awesome Lego-related products.

I posed up the troopers of 3:16 with their new guns and will get that that posted soon. There is still a lot of cool stuff I'd like to pick up from their site, so I know this won't be the last you see of them here at Mik's Minis.

Something you don't see on Lego accessories...a point!


  1. nice i am not a fan of swords but it is still cool. and i justb ordered 40$ worth of brickarms

  2. Yeah, the swords are all right, but they're specialty is in the guns. $40 bucks aye? It's funny how fast $1 guns can add up! Enjoy...

  3. i know right and i cant beleive that they discontinued the custom minifigs. but i am going to buy more soon i am very busy and i make amazing ego wars in my lego city

  4. i just received a 54 dollar order with all the new weapons. as free weapons i received a green ac8 green ppsh and green stg44 vampir

  5. I don't know if this is the same 'anon' or not, but freakin' sweet! I can only imagine all the plastic goodness that comes with a $54 Brickarms order, congrats!

  6. it is the same anon and it is palstic heaven! i have already done 2 wwII mocs with the new weapons. have you made any other brickarms orders?