Friday, August 14, 2009

Squat Sighting?

This post is double, probably triple, dipping from some other sites out there that have already mentioned this and speculated on exactly what is going on in the above pic. Keeping with my own trend of Space Dwarf sightings, I just had to include it here for posterity. The pic and the quoted text are from the BoLS boys and girls. Enjoy!
Also breaking over the last couple of days is this intriguing picture. Its anyone's guess as to what this is or if it has anything to do with Space Hulk the Mystery Box. It looks like a Demiurge, the Fenksworld Pit Thing, and a Stench Beast of Strank from Dark Heresy. FFG did say they had a big release to unveil at Gen-con so perhaps this is it. -BoLS


  1. I gotta say it's DH related.

    Those are monsters from Creatures Anathema, though I'm not so sure on the midgets. They could very well be related to some of the adventures that are in the works for the game.

    I'm curious to see their prices, as if nothing else it would be cool to have the models.

    However, having looked at the stats for some of those...the Fenksworld Pit Thing will wreck an unwary party it can catch in melee, and you need heavy weapons to drop the Stench Beasts of Strank. I mean, like plasma and stuff, which is high-end for dark heresy.

  2. It'd be nice to have some backwards-compatible 40k stats, throw a couple of these things in front of some troopers...

    I'm curious to see what unfolds of this as well.