Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dark Heresy Update

Gearing up for our second DH game, Andy gave us a teaser...

Excerpt from the journal of Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Malignus Azoth
Ordo Malleus Library Hereticus, Saturn

I have received word that Hephaestus Morgan, the last of my old cadre, has been killed. I intended for him to train up my new hopefuls as I find them, but having been thus reduced, it is like starting over as a new inquisitor, but with a career's worth of enemies. My acolytes will have a hard time of it.

Morgan had been pursuing the Ceffington lead. He was to meet the new acolytes at Sophano Prime and lead them through his investigation. Upon his ship's arrival, those acolytes who had already on Sophano Prime found he had been burned in transit. The acolytes-- Nihilus, Dorn and Haxtes-- showed initiative in retrieving his notes and following his leads. They did reveal their investigation to local Inquisitor Gislebertus. Understandable, given the situation. I think Gislebertus is an understanding man and will remain silent, once I have shared the results of their work. I suppose we are in his debt now, however.

Morgan had already identified the three buyers. My acolytes attempted to take one, but he would not give up and was killed. They gave his cover identity as Stossen Lesnar. Really Gud Freeltrax, mercenary scum. They followed leads from there, and found the next heretic, Dante Jacobus, in the process of procuring what turned out to be a copy of the Book of Empty Promises. He was killed, along with what was no doubt a local representative of an infestation of the Pilgrims of Hayte cult. His identity did not hold, and I believe him to be Ash Malthus, a paid assassin who lost his arm to a carnosaur on Iocanthus. And, apparently in this case, both were in the employ of another Inquisitor. Which Inquisitor is it? Another rival of mine? A heretic? And who was the third buyer, Tyr Bellicus? Another hired gun, or something more? I am not yet sure.

I have studied the Book of Empty Promises. Never all the way through at one sitting, though it urges me on. An ugly trap this book, disguised as an Imperial prayer book. Woe to the worshiper who tries to pray from this! It has proven most interesting to me, enlightening me upon their method of daemonic binding...



  1. Ooooh, all very intriguing! I've recently bought Dark Heresy, and I'm looking forward to getting stuck into it at a future date. I hope I get some more updates from you group for inspiration!

  2. We played last night with a full table of six players, plus the GM. It was a lot of fun, I'll keep you posted...