Friday, September 18, 2009

Elkhorn, Good Dwarf Fighter

LJN's 1983 AD&D Elkhorn

"Dwarves can see in total darkness, because they spend much of their time underground. Shorter than men, dwarves are still very strong, and are renowned as miners of gems and precious metals. Often they live in huge caverns carved from stone. The worst enemies of the dwarves are giants, who delight in finding and destroying dwarven castles. The powerful dwarf fighter can be found time after time fighting giants and dragons for the mountain rangers they both like to live around." -Bio from Package

Thanks again go out to my brother-in-law Jake for this find. Back in the day, I was quite the toy collector, but since then I have all but given it up. Thankfully, Jake (who seems cut from the same cloth as myself) still is an avid collector and if I'm craving something, he'll put out his feelers and see what he can turn up. He and I have a lot in common; we both married sisters in the same family, we both collect toys and comics, we were both born only a couple of days apart the same year, and our parents have the same name! It's kind of scary when I write it all down like that, haha, but anyway, thanks to him yet again for a great find.


  1. I know! I was very excited when he gave him to me this week. Now if I could only get Jake to track down a Northlord...

    Thanks for stopping by!