Friday, September 25, 2009

Inquisitorial Investigation in Iocanthus

Fight in the Streets!

Encoded data-stream from Acolyte Novus Dorn:
Master Azoth, I hope this finds you well, praise be to the Emperor. We have landed on Iocanthus after a long and uneventful journey through the immaterium. The town we touched down at seems on the edge of lawlessness, with order barely held in check. Our credentials were questioned and upon revealing that we were of the Inquisition, we were allowed to continue on our way. We made our way through the open market, choked full of caravans and peddlers of wares from all corner of known space. We should make note to return and scrutinize the origin of some such wares and ensure that no vile Xenos technology has made its way there. We were looking for sign of the Interrogator from the retinue of Inquisitor Gislebertus we were meant to rendezvous with when a messenger cherub approached. It bade us to follow to where the Interrogator was waiting, across the town.

Along the way, we were accosted by an insane street-dweller, barely clothed, covered in blue markings, and inanely babbling about the return of dark spirits. Our progress was all but stopped as this incessant being accosted our party relentlessly. Barely putting our hands on the vagrant to move him out of our path, he flailed to the ground, yelling "assault", an obvious setup. Members of a fanatical bent were lying in wait and as soon as the old man hit the ground, they came at us, melee weapons drawn. Not wanting an incident, we proceeded to defend ourselves, until one of our own spotted a firearm on one of the attacker's person. We then had no choice but to resort to lethal force. It was over quickly.

Local security was on the scene in a manner of moments, and they were able to assess that our party had acted within the prescribed limits of self-defense. They had informed us that these vagrants had become quite the thorn in the side of law and order. We were glad we did not have to engage the security team and they let us go while they cleaned up the mess. We continued our winding path through the town to the meeting place.

Our meeting was uneventful, but well received, and after a long meal I returned to my quarters to catch up on some research I was conducting regarding the planet and the nature of the shrine we were to visit. I am told two of our party ventured into the city in the middle of the night to conduct their own investigations, while two others remained in conversation over drink in the commons areas late into the night. The Tech-Priest tends towards solitude.

The next day we set out using a flat-bed ground hauler. The trek through the desert wastes would take some time and we had to be vigilant to raiders and nomads looking for easy prey. Much to the Interrogator's chagrin, he had to do most of the driving due to the lack of any real driving skills on our part. I am told our destination lies ahead just two hours from now. I will send word upon arrival and keep you updated on our progress.

Faithfully Serving Holy Terra,
Acolyte Novus Dorn

Profile pic of Novus Dorn, Adept Inditor by Chri3

I had mentioned in a previous post that the third Chris (Chri3) of our group can draw, much like the stuff I do, just 'kicked up a notch'. After seeing his profile pic his sketched out rather quickly on his own sheet, I slid my own sheet over and requested one for my character. Being an Adept, I'm not exactly combat-efficient (though in the previous game I was deadly with my Hand Cannon), so I wanted more of a stern, scholarly look. I described myself as dark skinned, bald, with a large beard, oiled into ringlets. Ask and you shall receive.

The team, lead through the streets by a messenger cherub

Here's the Acolyte Team:

Backwater Arbitrator, Nihilius - Brian
Primal World Assassin, Soul-Taker - Oz
Psyker, Haxtes - Chri3
Void-Born Psyker, Cromwell - Mike
Tech-Priest, Metallus - Jon
Adept, Novus Dorn - me

It was very nice to have a full table for this session (well, we were actually missing one, but everyone else was there). We had six players plus Andy as the GM. We tore through about 20,000 empty calories of junk food and drinks, and had a great time. Many of the players were not only new to the Dark Heresy system, but fairly unfamiliar with the 40k universe in general, the fact that they enjoyed so much as well speaks volumes.


  1. Great summary there mate, I'm loving how this story is developing, I just wish I had the numbers of players you can boast!

    Do you think the DH rules will support a group of 3 (including the GM) or would that not be enough people to make it worthwhile? I'm trying to convert more people to roleplay, but its just not working dammit!

  2. Thanks, it was a lot of fun. We're not always so lucky to have a full table, but when we do, it's extra special.

    You could totally play with just two players, *especially* in a Dark Heresy setting. Other games, mostly DnD I'm thinking, kind of need a full rounded party with more players, but given DH's nature, two players would work well, maybe even better than a large party would.

    You could also have them make up a couple of characters each for a little variety, that way they could pick which character they wanted for that particular session (or play both if need be).

  3. Awesome, thats exactly what I wanted to hear! Thanks mate!

  4. Great! It's a good system, and the genre (of course) can't be beat. Good luck to you, keep us posted!