Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jawaballs Terminator Contest

Diggin' deep in the box for this one...

So there's a nifty contest going on over at Jawaballs; coinciding with the oh-so hot Space Hulk right now is the "Paint a Blood Angels Terminator" contest. I like the parameters, and they're quite simple; paint a terminator, make it a Blood Angels terminator, no librarians or chaplains...just good ole, red Blood Angels. I also like the emphasis on the figure itself and a no-nonsense approach to the base. I may be a tad ambitious here, I plan on hacking the heck out of my old school figure and adding bunches of bits in the form of a bare head, power sword, and storm bolter. I may have to break out the Dremel while I'm at it.

Originally the contest was going to be open to just "Space Hulk" figures, with that parameter being dropped in favor of being more open to contestants who may have not been able to buy the new hotness (like me). However, I still kept it "Space Hulk" and pulled out my ancient terminator from the first edition Space Hulk expansion, Deathwing.

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