Monday, September 28, 2009

"Official" Demiurg?

The White Dwarf, err, White Demiurg, click to enlarge
Some of those lucky few people who attended Games Day UK will have seen an exclusive peek at the new White Dwarf subscriber model, so we thought it was only fair to show it to you all as well! Look out in November's White Dwarf and on the web for loads more information about to get your hands on this great model. -From Games WorkshopLink
Thanks to Andy for pointing this one out! As I have stalwartly been collecting all sightings of Squats across the intarweb, I had to include this one of course! Well, it's a Space Dwarf, there is ZERO doubt about that, and it's sculpted and produced by Games Workshop, so it's about as "official" as it gets. It's a "White Dwarf Subscriber Model", which means what? It's just a promo fig, a glimpse of things to come, a teaser? Who knows, my down-to-Earth thought is that it will end up being just a cool one-shot. My flight-of-fancy screams out that it the tip of a massive Demiurg / Squat iceberg heading this way!

Curiously enough, the news item occurs right next to the announcement of a new Tyranid codex headed this way in the new year. The flufficized the fate of the Squats dying out after being eaten by one of the great hive fleets. It would be nice if there was a mini-dex in the back of the 'Nid book allowing you to field forces of 'renegade Squats'. Kind of like the way they include cultists lists in the back of some of the Inquisitorial codices.

Looking at the fig, it's everything GW said they didn't want to do in the first place, a fantasy Dwarf in space. I personally love the idea (obviously). He's got a great flight suit on, including the leather fighter pilot looking headcover, and cool, heavy industrial boots to clomp around in. At his feet is a solid helmet, more than capable for EVA (mining an asteroid, fixing a ship hull, etc.), and in his hand he sports a hefty power hammer, including a rune on its head. He sports a mechadendrite arm on his back, which doesn't look anything like a tech-priest arm, but does the same job nonetheless. Curiously though, he's snagged a space-suited Gretchen in its claw, and not a 'nid critter, which kinda dashes my hopes from earlier.


  1. I love that mini, but I thought the Demiurg were supposed to be more Skaven-like than Squat...?

    Either way, I'd buy it 'cause I'm a GW-whore like that. ;)

  2. I think the 'space Skaven' are also known as the Hrud. There's a teeny pic of them in the 3rd edition rulebook methinks.

    But yeah, either way, I hope this means that some kind of Space Dwarf faction is on the way!

  3. I like it, but as you've said, it's much more "Space Dwarf" than "Alien Race". Disappointing if it's a Demiurg, but not if it's a Squat...

    I would have liked to have seen an army of Demiurg but none the less, this is pretty cool - I like the little "grey alien" suit the gretchin appears to have been wearing :)

  4. @Chris: Rumor is the little greenskin is the 'Black Gobbo' and that these two magazine icons are just dressed up in Halloween outfits. If you look at the brow ridge of the Dwarf though, it is very Squat-like...

    Who knows? It's creating quite a buzz so far, I know that.

  5. i originally posted this on the hogs of war site but here goes - 'I'd stick with the White Dwarf in power armour. We had a long conversation with our local manager and apparently the story is squats are gone, for good, never to be unearthed. It has been stressed that the demiurge are not squats nor will be released as a race. But something will....allegedly there is something new in the pipeline. What and when who knows. We have nids in Jan, at some point the new dark eldar codex is due with a completely new range of models. Supposedly the whole line is getting revamped. But no ideas on whats coming besides that. Rats in Space keeps getting suggested by us Skaven supporters but apparently not.'

    The reason we were given by the man in the know was that Games Workshop has a downer on the fanaticism of the squat players - way to go marketing department. Demiurge were a no no because no matter what they did they would become the next squats. So we're back to a new race....

    Personally I'd like to see something new and not just a fantasy cross over - eldar/dark eldar are just elves in space, dwarves=squats, necrons=undead, orcs well orcs i suppose. The Tau were good as they were a new concept and although a blatant alien copy the nids were new too. So what next - ogres? there is nothing of that ilk yet - large, heavy, powerful single models unles syou count nid warriors. Maybe space centaurs or Space Lizards. However that little voice inside is still shouting for Rats in Space

  6. Good points all Craig! I would say your info is pretty spot on here, which is too bad, I wouldn't mind 'dwarves in space' too terribly much!

    Space Skaven (Hrud?) would be kind of cool, something new besides another Marine chapter would be refreshing. The Space Lizard Centaur idea is a good one, like the old Zoats and Slann, but then you've just got 'lizardmen in space'.

    Coming up with new and original ideas is hard, but they interjected something fun into 40k out of nowhere with the Tau, hopefully they'll repeat that success with the mystery race.

    Also, as an aside gripe, GW's "annoyed" with the fanaticism of a particular player base? Talk about how *not* to run a company. If people are Squat-crazy, give them what they want. How much new revenue are you going to make by sticking a product out there that you *know* is going to sell off the shelves! Look at the success the reissue of Space Hulk was, now imagine reissuing stunties!