Monday, September 21, 2009

The Tuskgaarde; Races of Sarterra

Soon after Man began to walk the face of Sarterra at the behest of Elgrim the Snow Serpent, Hjorvard created a race of beings of his own design. His Tuskgaarde would resemble Man, but be of a much more powerful build, favoring strength over charisma or intelligence. Hjorvard’s children would embrace the nature of the world and learn to live within its beauty, instead of conquering it. The Tuskgaarde would be the hunters and protectors of the wild.

As Hjorvard deemed it to be, his children became elevated in their understanding of the natural world. Druidic magic and sorcery became their expert domain, as well an gaining an innate understanding of the Natural Order. The Tuskgaarde maintain a select order of individuals dedicated wholly to the preservation of the Natural Order known as the Sentinels of Ouroboros. All walks of Tuskgaarde life have learned to draw their strength from the land itself. In this respect, these sturdy people became the quintessential masters of the wild, unparalleled among all other races.

Tuskgaarde stand between six and seven feet tall, with extremes being known on both ends of the scale. A medium, olive skin tone seems most prevalent, but skin tones can range from a ruddy brown to a light tan. Their hair will also range through most of the natural shades found in humans. Other than their massive physique and olive hued skin, the most identifying feature of the Tuskgaarde is their downward protruding canine fangs, mostly visible on the males.

The Tuskgaarde, as a civilization, are advanced in the role of Druids and practitioners of natural magic.

Hjorvard taught his children well in the ways of the Natural Order. Every Tuskgaarde, Vargr, and especially the primal Wendigo reveres nature in their own way or the other, even one living in a bustling city might keep a garden secreted away on a rooftop, a cave dweller might herd sightless creatures and tend to mushroom groves, life is found everywhere.

Then there are the Sentinels of Ouroboros. These sons and daughters of Hjorvard exemplify the Natural Order and defend it in every aspect of their lives. Natural magicks and the founding of Druidic magic itself started within the ranks of the Sentinels. Wardens, Shamans, and (obviously) Druids are the most common members of this elite order, but others such as Rangers, Barbarians, and even an occasional Bard have all been known to to bolster these elite ranks.

Membership as a Sentinel is not stringent, but not to be taken lightly either. Induction as a Sentinel of Ouroboros is for life, and that life is usually given, more often than not, in defense of the Natural Order that the Sentinels work so hard to preserve. Although the order consists wholly of Hjorvard's Children (Tuskgaarde, Vargr, and Wendigo), notable members of other races have become Sentinels throughout the order's history. These individuals are rare, but it is not entirely unheard of and show them to have extraordinary ability and natural affinity. Some humans, certain Elves, an occasional Dragonborn, and even a few Nezumi are the most common of other races to be included as Sentinels of Ouroboros.

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