Monday, September 14, 2009

Cygnar Warcaster Stryker

Cygnar's Commander Stryker

I don't play Warmachine anymore, heck, I don't even have my stuff anymore. Double heck, I never even played Cygnar in the first place! I had finished this fig to about 97% years ago for a buddy of mine who was using it as a mini in our antiquated Iron Kingdoms RPG campaign. Warming up my brushes I broke this guy out and finished him up.

I went heavy on his armor's metallics, and when I was all done, he took a dip in the MinWax Polyshades Black Tutor. I added some grass flock and a bit of shrubbage. I've always liked Privateer's models, and rules really. It's just that we fell out of playing WM and to a lesser extent, Hordes, and we never really picked either back up.


  1. When you get to painting, you really get going! I like the fig and paint job. Is there a special mix ratio you use of the Minwax or just as is?

  2. To be fair, he was almost completed when I picked him back up! For the dip I go straight out of the can, but make sure you get Black Tudor. I've tried other 'flavors' and they don't work as well. Here's an old post: