Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blood Angel Terminator: Stage IV

I'm in the home stretch at this point. I must admit that I haven't been as diligently working on this fellow as I could have been, but I think I also slowed down because I only had a few last hurdles to get under my belt. All I did today was paint the Power Sword and the face; all that plus a lot of touch-ups and the like. The Power Sword was easy enough, I used about four layers of blues, working up from dark to light, and I kept them fairly wet to get a nice blending effect. The face was much more trouble than I would've liked, and I put fewer steps into than I could have, but I'm happy with the end result nonetheless.

It's hard to tell some of this from the above pic, but I'll post many good angles (with good lighting) of the final piece. All that was left was to apply some decals, and of course I've gotta base it, but that step should be relatively simple. I'll be going with a GW sand and some flock, plus a couple small clumps of foliage to cover up those mis-drilled holes.

I went back to my old bits and dug out the last of the original Blood Angels transfers from the days of first edition Rogue Trader. I'm afraid once these are gone, there will be no more, fortunately I have more Dark Angels decals than Blood Angels left.

By the time of this writing, I've already put on the decals and I'm waiting for the Micro-Sol to dry before I go back and 'dirty' them up. I put a large BA symbol on the right shoulder, but there was an awkward space near the top, which I covered up with a skull. I put another skull on the right kneecap, and just below that I put a large, white Imperial Eagle decal, again from the old sheets. On the left leg below the Crux Terminus I put one of the small, circular BA symbols you can see in the pic. As with the rest of this project, the decals themselves were a lesson in patience.

I'm excited about wrapping this up, I love contests like these just because they motivate to not only get something finished, but to get outside my comfort zone and try something new. I'm not trying to fool anyone with my average (but adequate!) painting skills, but I must say given what I started out with, I'm happy with the conversion work for sure.

A note to Jonathan; I did go back and change the seals to green, but the red and green came together a little too well and he looked like a holiday termie!


  1. Looking good.

    At first glance though, pictures like this with the hand written note in the background always seem to look like ransome notes until you actually read them.

  2. Ha, I like the ransom idea! Thanks for the comment, I've put more effort into this fig than I care to think about!