Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Darque Covenant

A 300 point band for Song of Blades and Heroes
Dark Elf Warlock (witch): Q3+, C1 w/ greedy, sorcerer (36pts)
Dark Elf Sneak: Q2+, C2 w/ acrobat, evil, stealth, traps (48pts)
Dark Elf Crossbowman: Q3+, C3 w/ evil, poison, shooter long (50pts)
Gargoyle (living statue): Q5+, C5 w/ artificial, slow (23pts)
Imp: Q4+, C1 w/ stealth, flying, evil, coward (24pts)
Harpy: Q4+, C2 w/ flying, distract (48pts)
Cockatrice: Q3+, C2 w/ assassin, flying (70pts)
Total: 299 / 300

Warlock Scarfell hails from the ruined city of Darquetower, and has learned much of his arcane arts from the transplanted Shadovar who now reside there. At his side is summoned demon brought forth from a realm far from Sarterra, and simply goes by "Imp".

A pair of Harpies; animated statue and live creature

Many strange events occurred in Darquetower after the shadow rift was opened up. One such arcane backlash was the animation of many of the cities statues and gargoyles. Barely more than mindless constructs, with the right complement of spells and wards, powerful individuals are able to slave these constructs to their will. Scarfell has done just that with this gargoyle fashioned in the shape of a Harpy. Scarfell has also befriended an actual Harpy.

Warlock Scarfell is skilled in the arts of monster taming, and using spells that bend a creature's go a long way. Summoned Imps and simple Harpies are one thing, but this Cockatrice, named Terror Wing, stands as the warlock's ultimate achievement in monster taming.

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