Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pre-Necromunda Figures

I was recently digging around in my figure cold storage (which is one level deeper than my figure bits) looking for some suitable figs to use in our pending Rogue Trader campaign. I found some, which I painted up and will post in a couple of days. I also ran across this motley crew while I was searching, and they're due for refurbishing.

Back in '90 and '91 Games Workshop came out with a Necromunda predecessor known as Confrontation. According to the Collecting Citadel Miniatures wiki, the rules came out as playtest only, as did the first wave of figs. I was working at a hobby shop at the time, so I can only imagine I picked them up through that channel.

I'll do up another post later with pics of those limited release, playtest leader figs (although I did paint one for Rogue Trader), for now are these seven who were part of the '90/'91 Citadel catalogue. I've got four Bounty Hunters and three Techs.


  1. I remember Necromunda well; it was a series of articles in White Dwarf in the early 100s, and we gave it a go a couple of times. I don't recall if the rules were incomplete, or if I just didn't have all the issues, but there were a lot of gaps. It was good fun for what it was though. These should make excellent Rogue Trader figures.

  2. I have a bunch of the confrontation rules in WD. It was exceedingly complex, but I liked the fluff they had generated. Check out anthony case for great rules that remind me of the O.F. (original fluff) - I think I have one confrontation mini - a space pirate I picked up from an ebay for for $1.

  3. I have a whole Necromunda gang based off the old Confrontation figures, I am sure they will make great additions to your Rouge Trader games.

    to Kelvin Green- The Necromunda game expanded into a true game beyond those old articles.

  4. Thanks guys! I still have thos eold issues too, I'll have to dig them up. I remember there were a lot of cool concept sketches of gangers and what-not.

    Yeah, I'm thinking these guys will make excellent Rogue Trader figs, but I've gotta track down some more arms somewhere and refurbish them up to modern day status.

    What Confrontation became, Necromunda, is still one of my favorite games out there...

  5. Oops. I meant Confrontation above, not Necromunda!

  6. Yeah, I had your back!