Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ruchtcon II Photos

"Mmmm, brains, and umm, lens aperture..."

Thanks to another attendee at Ruchtcon II (Jared, of the Penguin Sushi blog) we had some better pics than what my cell phone could muster of the gamers themselves. No, the above pic is not Jared, just a random zombie photographer!

An animated session (pun intended) of Cartoon Action Hour!

In the middle of a mirthful moment during Spirit of the Century

Pulp cast members Zulu Warrior and Russian Princess (no, not literally!)

Our large SotC party talks tactics...

A moment of introspection during Zombie Cinema

Rucht takes some zombie heat

Our SotC game master and BSG instructor

I was vexed, terribly vexed, BSG was vexing me...

Duane (foreground) and Casey button mashing

Me, enthralled with the joys of maintaining Mik's Minis!


  1. No, that's definitely not me at the top. Are you crazy? He's using a Nikon... hehe.

    I wish I'd gotten some more shots, but I was too busy having fun most of the time. :)


  2. Our BSG games always break down into wild shouts of, "Frackin' Toaster!"

  3. Thanks Jared, the pics were great, very candid and you captured the feel of the con pretty well.