Tuesday, December 15, 2009

15's on the HUD

Well this year's almost over, and I've been too busy to tackle anything major in December. I have a feeling though that the new year will see several "core" projects on my workbench going down; one such project will be sci-fi 15mm.

Andy and I are currently in talks with an author to get in on their playtest list for an upcoming skirmish level game set in the oft-underlooked scale of 15mm. Andy and I, ever the duo, had tinkered around with Stargrunt II back in the day, I amassed quite the army actually. I don't know why we only got a game or two in under our belts, it was a solid enough game and we have tons o' figs to boot. Maybe this new game will stick.

Excuse the camera phone pics, but being "early project" status, these didn't deserve a higher level of photography. The above is a bunch of troops, a handful of scout walker, a heavy walker, and a pair of hover tanks. The eleven man squad on the left are old Traveler infantry troopers with a squad droid. The ten man squad on the right are actually Predators. Their details aren't the greatest, but you can tell pretty easily who they are. The scout walkers are all old Battletech figs of mine from the late eighties, so it's kind of nice that they get to be reborn on the tabletop. They're the perfect size for 15mm, and it's easy to imagine there's a single fig cramped inside the chassis. The bigger single mech behind them is a newer Mechwarrior 'clicker' model which will make a good assault walker. In the back are two WWII tank model I built, 1/72 scale, and I altered their treads to make them into heavy hover tanks. They'll be mounted on low flying, clear-stand "flying" bases eventually.

Thanks to Brian at Repple Depple, I've now got a handful of sniper figures. These will be based individually with lots of concealing foliage and what-not. Behind them is another 1/72 plastic, military model kit, this one just a basic United Nations, APC type of vehicle. On the right are my two "titan" walkers. On the right is yet another Mechwarrior 'clicker' fig. I don't know the name, but it's beefy. On the left of it is a Heavy Gear a 'strider?' I think they're called? They have many similarities with one another, so will look uniform.


  1. I do not know how you do it to be involved with all these different games.

    I have found that even though I have blood bowl, 40K, epic, Warhammer, plus my 360 I really only have time to be active with 1 thing.

  2. 15mm is an easy way to get into new projects. So are 6mm and all the way down to 2mm :)

    I have projects in all of them.


  3. I totally agree Eli, different scales make a big difference. 15mm is dead cheap, easy to collect and paint, and most of the stuff I pulled out of a box in my garage. I've also got a "massive" Orc army based for Hordes of the Things, but it's in 6mm, so it's teeny-tiny.

    The other thing Brad is that I count myself quite lucky to be part of great group of local friends/players that are always trying new things out.