Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 at Mik's Minis

First of all, a happy new year to everyone out there. I've been awfully quiet here during the holidays, and a little slow-going this morning, but now with the holidays behind us, I'm ready to get back to business! I've been seeing a lot of friends out there posting on their blogs about "resolution" type initiatives, and gaining new focus.

I am going to follow in the same vein. The largest problems we all face is having too many projects floating around and too many pieces on our work desks. At one point last year I had everything from Native Americans to superheroes to Dwarves to robots all on my desk at the same time. So, to tackle all these projects in easy-to-swallow chunks I'm going to work off of a rotating project system, should be easy to implement. I'll juggle two projects at a time, with "total focus" being on those before I move on to something new. This includes buying miniatures or what-not as well. If it's not related to one of the two current projects, I'm not touching it. At all. There is an option in there for one-offs and "specialty" pieces, not a full "project" in its own right, but an option for doing a single fig or the like. Two projects will give me variety, if I get tired or burned out on one, I can switch to the other. The oddball third category will be my catch-all holder for anything else.

So, what will be out of the gate for 2010? Vikings and 15mm sci-fi.

Project Viking

In an effort to get in more games with my historical buddies, I'm tackling the Vikings first and foremost. I've got a good sized warband (I'd say a drakkar's worth) and they are based on washers and good to go. So project #1 is historical Vikings.

Project 15mm Sci-fi

For my second (and most ambitious) of the first projects of 2010, I'll be jumping in, whole-hog, on 15mm sci-fi. It's a great scale and you can get in some awesome conflicts, from skirmish level to battalion strength, all on a eight foot table. I've got tons of figs, both painted and unpainted, and I am raring to go. I don't have a rules system picked out yet, I'll be looking at a bunch of different ones. I imagine I'll be starting with some upcoming rules that are currently in development from Supersystem's Scott Pyle. I'm reading my playtest copy of the rules now, and hopefully will be getting a game in soon.

Project Oddball

Remember, this isn't so much a "project" in and of itself, just a place to tie up loose ends, paint a single fig for a roleplaying game, or the like. In an effort to try and clean my painting table completely off for 2009, I was feverishly working on two last figs, a fantasy Dwarf to use in our Savage Worlds of Warhammer game, and a very large superhero. I got sidelined by the triple whammy; holidaze, a serious sinus infection, and Dragon Age Origins. So, for 'project oddball', I'll be putting the finishing touches on these two figs.


  1. Good luck on this.

    Vikings are always incredibly tempting for me as well. I've had a 6mm Vikings project gnawing at the back of my imagination for almost a year but have resited diving into it as it's a big'n.

  2. 6mm? Those are too small *not* to do them, they'll paint up quick!

    Thanks again, and good luck to you in '10 as well!

  3. Individually, sure Mik. But the Lure of 6mm is doing lots and lots and lots of them :) I've done quite a few for the Roman Naval projects...

  4. Say, I notice that the opening picture in this entry is from Doctor Who. Are you a Doctor Who watcher, Mik?

  5. Hey Rucht! Shouldn't you be changing diapers? Congrats again buddy!

    As far as the good doctor goes, I am a huge fan, just haven't had a chance with this latest incarnation.

  6. Hi

    Beautiful graphics of this game and there is an option in there for one-offs and specialty pieces, not a full "project" in its own right, but an option for doing a single fig or the like.

    James Parker.
    Penny Auction