Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tales from the Lunchbox

As I was thoroughly chastised last night by my gaming buddies (Andy and Chri3) for a complete lack of any blog presence, due to Dragon Age: Origins mind you, I realized I should get on the ball. Last year I was averaging about a post a day, this year, umm, not so much! So this will hopefully be a regular installment known by the post title.

I'm a dad, quite a domestic one actually, and I'm the lunch maker in the house. In my six year old's lunchbox I always put a little note in there too, usually this is something like "Have a good day!", "Don't forget to...", and the like. Every now and then I will just draw a picture or something, and on occasion I will write a small, episodic story. These have been her favorite so far. It's a small piece of paper (grocery list size) so there's not a lot of room, just enough to get a paragraph or so down. It's good because it flexes her reading muscle (and my writing muscle to boot) and gives her something fun to read at lunch. Where's the story? Patience, I'll have to post them in increments because I don't even know where the tale is going. I've done a few so far, many more to come, so I'll get them posted soon, just letting everyone out there that I haven't disappeared entirely off the face of the blogosphere.


  1. Ah Dragon Age. My gaming groups talk more and more of this lately...

  2. Dude, you are an awesome dad! That's such a small, easy, and great way to connect with your child. Mine don't take lunch or I'd do something similar.

    When my oldest leaves or gets dropped off we always hold our hands out over our imaginary swollen heads and say, "Big brain!".

    For my youngest, we always sing on the way to school and she loves to hear "when I was was kid" stories about me and when grandma was just my mom.


  3. Dragon Age is absorbing much time here as well. Dang XBOX 360 live !!!!

    Great way to connect with your children. I hope someday my daughter will enjoy something similar.

    As far as blogging and painting goes, I have a model show at the end of February. So that helps keep focus ....

    If you get a chance I could use some painting pointers and camera picture taking help ! Thanks Mik

  4. My daughter so wants to 'play with us'. I think eventually I am going to just let her though she is only 4.

  5. My daughter has started to take a much greater interest in "daddy's games" (she's 3 and a half). I have considered getting her in to roll dice for me because everyone knows that little kids have insane dice luck.

    Currently she loves the "little horses"... The fact that they are Soviet Cavalry and not pink unicorns is apparently irrelevant.

  6. Mik, are you the one doing the bucket? Are you interested in doing it on a different blog?
    We are interested!
    Santa Cruz Warhammer