Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Week, Another [Viking Horde]

I could get used to this! Unfortunately, this could be it for a while as I head into [the last of my Viking pile]. However, I’m very proud of this unit of [Old Glory and Gripping Beast Vikings]. I thought they turned out very nicely. I like the [warrior] on the left– remind you of anyone? I don’t suppose it’s too late to sculpt a [necklace] and mount [horns] on the sides of the [helmet]! Maybe when I get around to the decals. Anyway, this should give me a satisfying enough selection to run a largish game [of Pig Wars], so I’m happy. I’ll probably be looking to flesh the [Heroes] out now that I have [finished the core troops]. Now, off for some historical research at Netflix.


"Shocktroops", Hirdmen with chainmail, shields, and two-handed axes

A couple of shields...

More shield designs, bold and bright I know...

These won't stay blank, awaiting decals via Little Big Men


  1. Mik,

    These look awesome !

    Vikings are cool ...... now if you mixed in some zombies! The awesome factor would triple !


  2. Thanks Mezz! Up close they don't pass the best inspection, I'm cranking these out at a *much* faster rate than usual. The good news is that there is only FIVE left, and Project Boatload o' Vikings will be complete, woohoo!

  3. Nice. I like them. All of those two-handed axe guys will be nasty.

  4. Thanks Brian! Just five to go; an über hero, two major heroes, a minor hero, and a standard bearer...

    Another week down, another 13 figs painted, and another layer of dust on the XBox.

  5. Since you're painting historicals, I won't sue you for plagiarism!

  6. "Since you're [leaving comment]s, I won't [rib] you for [sarca]sm!"