Monday, March 1, 2010

The Barter Bucket Strikes Again

Around October of last year I came up with the idea of running a "barter bucket" here at Mik's Minis. I was wanting to trade away my spare stuff that someone else might want more than I, and get it in exchange for stuff I really wanted that might not mean as much to someone else. It quickly took off, and soon I was running the Barter Bucket for Ron over at From the Warp. It was pretty successful for a while, and working with Ron was a blast. After a while Ron took the blog in a different direction. I thought the bucket might be lost in the Warp, but in less than a week, the fine folks over at Santa Cruz Warhammer gave me shout and before I knew it, the bucket was back in action on the west coast!

Well it's been a little over a month at its new home, and the blogmeisters at SCWH have been very cool about adding this feature to their blog. I'm getting a lot of emails every week, so I know people are getting good use out of it, but we can always use more. The bucket is the same as it always has been; it's a place for gamers to trade their bits to one another in the same vein as scratching each other's backs, less of a money making endeavor.

I'll speak about my own experience on the bucket. Just last week I got the above Space Marine codex in the mail, quickly by an overnight parcel actually. A fellow player had an extra copy, and didn't need it, but he did need a few extra pieces. Basically the above codex cost me the following; a couple of of pairs of marine 'shooty' arms, a Dire Avenger power sword, a melta gun, and a thunder hammer. Doesn't seem like a lot, but if you need those pieces for a specific conversion, and you don't have them, it can make or break your project. You've got to go to a parts place, hope they're modestly priced, shipping is cheap, and cross your fingers that they also have all the pieces you need in one place.

Well in the case of SeƱor Pierre and myself, we both had extra stuff we weren't using, and we both had just what the other guy needed. A quick swap later, and voila, you've got the magic of the Barter Bucket! Head over and join in the trading today!


  1. I totally agree, you can get so much out of bartering! Getting things you always wanted in exchange for stuff you don't need anymore - this is a real win-situation! Great is, that you can swap almost everything. I started bartering on They have this special points-system. Therefore you don't have to find trades of equal value. This makes it even easier.

  2. I love the Barter Bucket Mik, it has worked out for me on several occasions now. I am actually in the middle of some email traffic arranging a trade this week from the bucket! I am glad it has survived and I hope it just continues to keep growing. Thank you for this service adn keep up the great work.