Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Centaur Princess Chronicles, pt. 8

The Centaur Princess Chronicles

"There was a princess who lived in the forest. She was a centaur; half horse and half human. She wore her long, brown hair in thick braids and she had sparkling green eyes. She and her tribe were respectful of nature. Today was a special day because it was her birthday."

"It was the centaur princess' 16th birthday, which was special in her tribe. This meant that she was old enough to be considered a responsible adult. To prove this, she had to do a special quest. She got to pick what her quest would be."

"The centaur princess went to the oldest of the tribe, the wise woman. The wise woman was the keeper of the stories and she had many books in her hut. The two stayed up long in the night, reading about these legends by candlelight."

"There was a tale of old that spoke about an ice crown that belonged to a centaur queen. It was a very magical crown and all the best wizards helped to make it. There was an ogre; a large, terrible ogre warlock who was jealous and wanted the crown for himself."

"In a battle only remembered in ancient books, the ogre warlock attacked the centaurs. He had many monsters to help him. He stole the ice crown and fled to his fortress in the mountains."

"The centaur princess decided her quest would be to find the ogre warlock and take the ice crown back. It would be a hard quest and many thought it would be too difficult for her to do. But she had courage, and she made up her mind!"

"It was still winter but the centaur princess did not want to wait until spring to go on her quest. She would leave this week, but first she had to get supplies and say 'goodbye' to her family. It was a dangerous journey and she might not make it back."

"The mom and dad of the centaur princess were because their baby had grown up so fast. They were also very proud of her because she had grown up to be an honorable and caring young woman. They had a special feast the night before the princess was to leave on her journey."

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