Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Spring Painting Queue

Everyone loves work desk pics!

Well spring time is here, and as the flowers are blooming outside, the metal on the inside is stretching and yawning, awaiting paint. This could very well be the last figures I paint for the year knowing my pace! Here we go, in rank ordered goodness:

All the projects, in a sort of backwards order going right to left

1. Vikings

These are the last of my Vikings project which was one of my main foci kicking this year off. I've saved the best for last as you can see. We've got three 'larger than life' mythic/epic heroes and two more down-to-Earth blokes. The large fella with the shield will be the overall warband leader, the beardless hero in the red cloak his son, and the scary looking fella in the back with the huge axe will be some kind of doom metal harbinger. The fur cloaked fig on the far left will be the hero of the unarmored militia, and the remaining 'regular-looking' fig will be the warband's standard bearer. I've got a print out of a banner design for his spear.

2. 15mm Sci-Fi

Another of my foci for the year is 15mm sci-fi. We've done very little in this department unfortunately, but maybe getting these three platoons of Stargrunt II figs completed will be the push we need. Here I've got Japanese Corporate troops led by a squad of Kra'vak aliens. I'll be glad to get these done because they're the last part of a much larger army.

3. Hordes of the Things

Making this post I realized I didn't have a label for Hordes of the Things, meaning I haven't touched these guys since before I started this blog! It's been a long while. If you don't know this excellent game, check it out, it can be played in any scale or genre. Andy and I long ago decided on 6mm fantasy, and the above pic shows my Orc army. It's their time.

4. Pulp!

Rounding out the projects queue are all of my pulp figures I recently assembled and stuck on bases. These are very fun figs and I think they will lend themselves quite well to some light pulp adventures games in the future. Excuse the horribly blurry pic!

I guess that about wraps it up for the spring painting queue. There will be other mini-projects along the way, most notably is my squad of Deathwatch I'm doing up for the RPG (more on that tomorrow) as well as a few single figs lurking around here and there. I don't feel overwhelmed or buried, in fact, keeping everything orderly and neat has given me a boost in confidence. I won't get them done in record time or anything, but get them done I shall!


  1. Do we have to wait another four years until you get around to the HotT Dwarves?? ;-)

  2. always love to see other folks hobby station. Definatly need to get me a few of those baskets to keep my projects organized.

  3. You garden, game, paint minis and are a talented artist. Please stop hogging all of the creative talent. Some of us mundane slobs might like to create nifty things, too. ;)

  4. Fake! Fake, I say! I've never seen an active modeler's work station look that tidy! There should be half a dozen projects at various stages of completion, plus other bits of scrap and corruption lying about!


  5. As organized as the garden ..... love it .... where is the flames of war in the mix ? lol

  6. Thanks everyone! This reply may be lengthy because I like replying to everyone individually, and I haven’t had a chance to check the webernet until now!

    @Duck Sauce: Ugh, I think I may get those HotT Dwarves in the hands of one of the new guys. But yeah, if they stay in my possession, it just may take another four years! You know, if we had a sit down and based them (‘cause you have the bases) it might cut that wait time in half.

    @Death OF: I’m a sucker for work desk/gaming table pics too. They’d make for a pretty good coffee table book! I started using these plastic baskets (they’re dirt cheap) as dice rolling trays, but now they do even better keeping stuff sorted.

    @Bill: If you click through some older game room posts you’ll see that’s not always the case. I do try to keep it tidy though…

    @Christian: Haha, thanks, you know I haven’t mentioned the mandolin yet!

    @Kobold: Lol! Mind you, none of these projects are done, so who knows, they all count as incomplete corrupted eyesores at the moment!

    @Joe: Yeah, umm, the FoW is incoming. I’m trying not to think about it, and when it does get here it will blitzkrieg all over this organization, grinding these projects beneath its treads!